Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Family History and Me

I have moved all of my family history to my art studio to work on so I can utilize several tables. I started with 8 boxes of photos, albums, newspapers, notes, memorabilia that my grandparents and parents saved. I am down to 2 boxes and 3 photo albums and it feels good

I love finding treasure among the daunting chore of reading everything. My GG Grandfather led 108 wagons from St. Joseph’s, Missouri to Colorado, Idaho and some went onto Oregon. My family settled in the Middle Valley, which became Midvale in Idaho. 

My great grandmother was a force! 

I was so taken aback by this lovely poem written in 1897 by my GG Grandfather when he was 24

My grandmother on the day of her high school graduation. 

Home drawing and painting studio is coming along

Bought this cool cardboard organizer for my artwork. It’s actually for construction paper storage.

We got a new desk for our desktop computer and I got the hutch which gives me more shelf space. 

I’ve been playing around with crayons and watercolor paint!

Going into the holidays and how important it is to wear masks to shut down the pandemic

Less than a week away from the most important election of our lives. Get your ballot in by dropping it off in an official ballot box, or an open voting location in your community. Let your voice be heard.

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  1. What a wonderful treasure to have that much history about your family. I am glad you made the time to organize it so you can enjoy it.


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