Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Little Drunk Monday

I started this project in August. Two friends Leslie Tucker Jenison and Michele Muska started this sew along using these small templates made by BettyCrockerAss

And since I don’t piece ever with fabric, I decided to use wool blended felt. I wanted to join in, but on my own terms

The first few sets

Then thought that printed felt would be fun and add a lot to the piece

My foundation is a piece of wool blended felt that I Mistyfused and pressed it with a hot dry iron from the front and the back to give it an extra hot fuse. This photo is the back and I love the pattern from pressing!

Nothing is falling off! So no straight pins needed.

Let the fun begin with more Perle cotton and wool embellishments 

We are now in October and hand sewing. I really like how it looks!

This is November and being the artist that I am, I ask myself - does it need more? 

A close up on where I am now. I love the bright colors! Oh those polka dots!

This is completely hand sewn! Perle Cotton 8 and two colors of Perle Cotton 5 

Another view of the details

This is where I am now. 14 inch square. It might need more hand sewing! 


  1. This is such a fun and happy piece, love the colors and stitching.

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