Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Blue and White jOy!

I have always loved blue and white. We have many blue walls in our house. But this blue with white is my favorite combo. I was thinking about what would give me joy in early September after being safe at home for 6 months. I started painting white flowers on the wall of our entry hall.

Using a Posca blue marker, I started adding some details

Every morning I saw this on the way to the kitchen and I smiled

Then I discovered Molotow 4mm acrylic markers and they were easier to use. I added vines and leaves

Molotow markers

This is as far as I have gotten with this blue and white project and it makes me so happy! My grandmother art quilt on the left and my first fabric line quilt on the right. I want to fill the entire wall with blue and white flowers. So joyful! 


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    "Blue and White Joy" is a captivating artwork that combines the serene elegance of blue and white hues, exuding tranquility and optimism. The artistry expertly balances the colors, creating a harmonious blend that evokes calmness and happiness. This masterpiece adds sophistication to any space and brings joy and serenity, resonates with those who appreciate the power of color and design.


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