Friday, December 04, 2020

Imaginary Flowers by Jamie

Last year I painted our main hallway partially with white paint. Then this week, I decided to actually paint it with flowers

Each wall has flowers, and extra elements that two bedrooms can see. 

The big wall. These are my version of flowers. I often use the hashtag #imaginaryflowersbyjamie

This is all painted with acrylic paint and no pencil, except for the birds, coffee cups, oranges

At first I had planned to outline everything in black, but decided against it because it would be labor intensive on my hands

It’s not perfectly painted, but perfect for us

I also used some Molotow acrylic markers 4mm size

It felt good to bond with acrylic paint this week. Double happiness to help with my anxiety and jOy in painting!

I used Liquitex Soft Body paint. Now onto the other wall!


  1. It must be very cheerful to have this greeting you in the morning!Love this idea. Hope all is well with you and stay safe!

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