Thursday, December 10, 2020

Houses of Whimsy

Now I am painting the other side of the hallway. This project has given me so much jOy!

I have challenged myself to not use a pencil to draw out my designs, rather relying on just free hand painting

It’s a little trickier to paint like this, but I really like the imperfections 

The pink house

The orange and purple house

My favorite house colors are aqua and bright pink!

I am really liking the look of it

I did make a slight mistake and had to paint over some green squiggly lines with gesso

It’s all coming together

Here and there I am adding some fun patterns to the houses

The orange and purple house got some fun added. Patterns on the flowers!

The hallway so far! I encourage everyone out there in Pandemic land to just make something, to start, to take the leap. This helped my anxiety level so much. We have been safe at home for almost 9 months! And wear a mask in public! Happy painting, drawing, quilting and whatever floats your boat! 

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