Thursday, December 24, 2020

I am Filled with Gratitude!

I am ever so thankful that I can still paint on the walls, and now these cupboard doors. I lightly sanded the doors first so the acrylic paint would stick!

The beginnings. No really plan, and no pencil. I have a garden bench to sit on

Clearly I felt that I was channeling things/houses/people that I miss. I added quilting elements too

I totally embraced that theme with this painting. The hallway is so beautiful and happy! Pure joy!

Close up of the doors!

A pink polka dot vase of funky flowers. Red house with blue flowers is Bainbridge Island, WA, and the beach below

Yes, I have left my heart of SF with my kids and grands. Sailing. Sunshine.

My town. I am so thankful for this journey as it was very rewarding. Paint, rest and repeat

Merry Christmas everyone! I am thankful for you!


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  2. Oh wow that looks wonderful! Such a happy place to walk by and through every day!

  3. What a happy post!

    Connections: we just got that garden bench about a week ago!
    What's your link to Bainbridge Island? Mu grandparents lived just above the petroglyphs, and my mother lived in Winslow twice; once on Wing Point Way where I could see the ferry coming in and run down to catch it!

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