Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year!

Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table that was my Grandmother Verona’s dining table

It’s pretty thrashed. We don’t use it every day, but it is a great table. Can store with the leaves down. And has an extra leaf to make it larger! My grandmother gave away the chairs before I got the table. Go figure.

I thought the easiest way to begin the prep work was to put it on its side

Using white Gesso, I started painting the legs - 2 coats

Upright with the leaf in, I am preparing the top and sides. Taking the time to let it dry.

This garden bench that I can stoop down on my knees to get the lower portions, and then flip it over to sit on to take the stress of my back

First coat taking shape. The window is open for extra air/ventilation 

Empty Talenti gelato jars are excellent for paint. I am anxious to paint. No real plan, so we’ll see how it goes!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope for a better 2021 with a vaccine and a new President and Administration! Onward and upward we go towards truth, empathy and fairness. I hope to see our kids and grands this next year! Hope is the word!


  1. There is definitely hope for our future in 2021! I'm trying to enter the new year with positivity and bringing the good things from 2020 with me. No sense in dragging along the crap...I'm leaving it at the doorstep of the year and closing the door! Your table looks great so far! I'll bet it was difficult to let go of the original finish, but you are giving it new life with paint.
    Happy New Year to you!

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