Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Kicking Off the New a year Right!

Kicking off the new year with this table project. It’s primed and ready to go onto the next phase

The folding leaves are now a beautiful shade of blue

I also started working on a new drawing project on IG #doodleadayjanelsf @spoonflower and @ellolovely. Day 1 - Baking

6-1/2” square is the size I am working with. There are a list of prompts on @ellolovely and after looking at her profile page, she has done these every month. Day 2 - Best Friends. Yep, during the stay at home order, my best friends are FaceTime and Zoom

I think it will be good to push myself out of my comfort zone and do this. I obviously cannot draw a bicycle, so that’s on the list to practice. Day 3 - Bicycle

Day 4 - Flower Bouquet

Day 5 - Candy Palace

There are many challenges ahead, but I think this will be way fun! 


  1. Oh, how I love your doodles! You'd make a fabulous illustrator for children's books. Perhaps you could even write your own and self-publish! Grandmother Verona's table is really looking good....she'd be so pleased with its new take on life!

  2. The book title!!! Grandmother Verona's Table

  3. Your all pics are stunning and very nice. My daughter is in 3rd grade and she also painted like this art, not as perfect as yours but good try. kids toys

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