Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Painting My Way Through Life

Every night for the last 10 years I ask my peeps ‘What’s for Dinner?’ The day of the Siege on the Capitol, it was hard to focus on dinner, but I knew that everyone would still want to participate, so this was my image of how I felt about the treasonous day. 

Having socially distanced and masked dinners on the patio with SIL/BIL is such a treat

My studio six years ago

My studio today. Sold a lot of supplies and furniture. A more simple style

This is how I felt following the Siege

Studio close up for another view

We had a lovely weekend of gorgeous weather and I loved drawing and painting outside

Thinks I did and learned while I was safe at home! I got the first dose of the vaccine! So happy!


  1. You got a dose? Are you older than you seem?

    We've spoken maybe twice (at shows), but reading your blog has had an influence on me. I took Craft Napa classes in art journaling and "Wonky Sisters" with Libby Williamson. Thought you'd like to know.

  2. Glad to know you got vaccine # 1. I had a Great week taking classes with Leslie T. Jenison & Judy Coates Perez at Craft Napa inspired by a class with you & Leslie in Houston. Next week we will get vaccine # 2 and Hope today’s Inauguration will bring a new dawn for us all. Peace & love I really enjoy your blog!


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