Tuesday, January 26, 2021

New Sketchbook!

I bought this beautifully made sketchbook by Chad Alice Hagen on Etsy

It is filled with toothy mixed media paper. 6x6 size

I opened the book and decided to draw and paint on both pages

Floppy flowers were a fun exercise 

I also love geometries! This was very fun to draw and paint!

Always thinking about the birds in my backyard

The Sewing Sisters Neighborhood, and a new flower color which I have never done before. Maybe I am growing and evolving after all. 

And then I decided to teach myself how to draw realistic flowers without a black outline. These flowers are in my gardens and might not be blooming right now, except on these pages

Islandic Poppies. A couple of these are just starting to bloom in the garden. I love their transparent glow of of color, almost like a fan are their petals. I am still contemplating if I want to do a 100 Day Project. Any ideas? 


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