Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Pandemic Painting and Other Things

#the100dayproject on Instagram. Objects of My Affection is my theme

Thank goodness for FaceTime to sign Happy Birthday to a family member and see each other’s faces.

So happy to get the 2nd dose of the vaccine. I cried tears of joy to know that soon we will see our kids and grands! 

#the100dayproject and all of the things I learned during the Pandemic so far

Happy Love Day!

Thankful for a dedicated drawing and painting studio in our house and my sewing studio in an industrial park! 

Imagination run wild and it’s good to just go for the weird. It reflects my personality!

I went to my sewing studio twice last week even though it was just a tad chilly. Working my way through my extensive Polka Dot fabrics collection. This crazy pile is all fused with Mistyfuse, so it’s really to roll!

Back to Curvelets! These are 3.5” which is a little easier to work with than the 1.5” ones that I made with felt. I am not a piecer, but a Mistyfuser and my Curvelets will be fused together!

Making more!

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