Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Back in the Saddle...again!

My quilt top is done and all Mistyfused and ready to press onto the wool blended felt, which I use as my ‘batting.’

Fused and felt overlap needs to be trimmed to the edge

This is the first time I have used one layer of felt and put a fused fabric backing on the back

I flipped it over and trimmed the extra fabric using the felted edge as my guide

I haven’t done much free motion quilting for a couple of years. A friend encouraged me to get back on the bike and ride

So happy with how this turned out! Take a Walk on the Wild Side!


  1. i love this quilt. it's so free spirited. have never fused directly to felt as a back.. i guess i need to learn to think outside the box better. thanks for sharing. patti in florida

  2. Love to see you getting your groove going with this joyful quilt.


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