Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Took a Needed Vacation

Love this napkin from Alaska Airlines and people were great at wearing their masks

Here we are on the ferry to Bainbridge Island 

Our first walk was through the grounds of the Inn’s property. We are surrounded by beautiful foliage 

I had a rare afternoon by myself to draw and paint on our balcony! And thank goodness for Welly bandaids

A house amongst the beautiful flowers

The face of contentment. I am in my happy place to visit long time friends who are vaccinated! 

The view from dinner

Sailing day with friends. Don’t forget your coat! 

The Crew selfie

Steve and me and Steve and Mary. What a fun time we had! 

I always enjoy what Bainbridge has to offer in the way of coffee! 

Our favorite place for breakfast! 

A new restaurant which replaced one of our favorite restaurants. This was the best meal of the trip! 

Not a long enough trip. I was missing seeing more people, going to my favorite haunts, including the Farmers Market and spending more time in town. Next time!


  1. That may be the best way to enjoy the area: visiting friends! It looks like you had a very nice time. Congratulations on getting beck into life.

  2. That looks like a fun trip. I am glad you are able to see your friends again.


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