Monday, July 12, 2021

Happy in the Garden

One Plumeria plant is blooming and I am patiently waiting for the rest to bloom

Passion Flower vine minus the fruit. I am happy with this prolific vine and that it doesn’t bear fruit. Just another thing that the rats and squirrels like to eat

A favorite of hummingbirds, bees and butterflies 

Sunflower! Can’t wait for this to bloom

These were planted from bulbs and there are several of these in the garden!

Another bulb bloom. So happy in the garden

Just after we get done with the purple blooms in the backyard with Wisteria over the patio roof, then the Jacarandas bloom in the front yard. These blooms are so amazing! Just don’t park your car under it. Bees are totally into these bloom on the trees and on the driveway

We have a bunch a these that have been blooming nonstop since the beginning of the stay at home order in 2020

The meadow look which has taken over a year to create. I have many weeds to pull in this garden and ever so slowly I am getting it done with lots of sunscreen, a hat and a kneeling bench! 

This is a list of the books I’ve read mid-June to now. Such a fun ride so far. Could I retire? Would I be happy working in the garden, swimming and reading? Things I am thinking about. My grandma retired at 65 to sew, garden, swim and read. 

Spending time on my studio in the mornings because it’s just too hot in the afternoons. I did get a lot done today! 

The pool is calling me!

Back garden with a fence around it because we have had some dog guests

This is Stryker. He belongs to my friend Libby Williamson. He loved swimming in the pool while we chatted! Happy Summer!


  1. How funny; Del Thomas posted a picture of plumeria several hours ago! Hers are pink, which I didn't know about.

    Do you listen to books? That's an incredible list for a month!

    What a gorgeous pool. It doesn't look like a lap pool, but one for floating about in.

  2. I too saw Del's plumeria today before yours. Your garden is so pretty, and wow what a big list of books. You get a lot done.

  3. Happy summer to you too Jamie. I enjoyed this post! The pool looks refreshing and the garden is divine!


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