Thursday, July 22, 2021

This and That

New beautiful glass bird bath that is nestled in the garden 

Passion flower - has to one of my favorites - oh the beauty!

New bloom. Zinnia. Now it has buds that are getting ready to bloom

Still swimming daily and when I get tired, I can lounge in this mermaid ring. The pool is about 88 degrees and warmed by the sun

I gathered some of my small animal collection to draw and paint about valuing differences

A painted shelf that hold some of my prized collections, including small animals

And my watercolor painting about valuing differences. I was born into a family that found no value in my differences and that was extremely disappointing and left me wondering about who I was. I have overcome that thankfully to live out my hopes and dreams in my own way. How important to value our differences. If we were all the same, life would be boring. 

Roma Tomatoes!

We have a mourning dove who has made a nest on the patio roof and I believe has two babies under her wings. This was the first one and a day later, another. They will be in the nest for about 10 days and father dove will be feeding the mom

Be the light in the darkness. Be the love you seek. Be the change in the world. Be the peace you seek

Family history and 8mm movies. It took 3 months to get these back from Legacy digital in Orange. All on a thumb drive. I am viewing each one and making notes. My parents were very bad at labeling these. My grandparents added some labels, but were equally bad at keeping a good record on the boxes and reels. I have hours and hours of files to watch and what a trip down memory lane. No sound. But I can use my imagination!

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  1. May I ask if you are satisfied with the Legacy process? I have more than what you show and will have viewing and labeling also.


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