Monday, September 20, 2021

Put a Bird on it! And Time to Play

Patchwork birds. Using the Word Swag app on my iPad, I can add words to my artwork, so in my original drawing, that card the bird is carrying is blank except for the flowers

So, I can fill it in with what I need the image for and use on Facebook

Here is one blank. My original artwork

With Happy Birthday 

And another typeface 

And I really like this one as a congratulations 

Every week, I meet with a friend for coffee and lunch. From my paint book!

Okay, I jumped down the rabbit hole to play with a Gelli block

I saved my Queen Anne’s Lace from my garden because I thought it would make a fun print

First go around with two colors of paint and the dried flower

I really like this one

This is my fav with eraser dots and a paper towel to create the images. It’s just fun to play sometimes with something you have wanted to try.

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  1. The geli plate is fun but takes playtime to evolve. Like your print


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