Monday, September 13, 2021

Self Care and More

My hip started hurting at the wedding and just got worse everyday we were on vacation and when we got home 

Went to my non surgical orthopedic doctor who referred me to my orthopedic surgeon. Began self care immediately so whatever was going on could heal

In the meantime, I started a series of small paintings on rolling papers. Very thin tissue for rolling joints. It is very thin and tricky to work with. I love a good challenge

I had to STOP what I did on a regular basis and rest. Self care is really important for your body, mind and spirit 

Carrots. Drawn with a Pitt Pen and very carefully painted with watercolors 

My mantra is to keep moving. I draw out my life on paper and color it in with paint


Easy peasy. Appt with my orthopedic doctor in early September 

The Plumeria bloomed on one plant

Posted on IG after a week of self care. 

Another rolling paper piece of art

Me in the garden. I strained my Hip Flexor Muscle swimming freestyle and the constant kicking lap by lap is what did it. I usually do the breast stroke and the elementary backstroke. No more freestyle for me. So painful. I am much better now. But, No surgery needed which was so happy to hear! Onward we go! Back to walking! 


  1. Beautiful artwork! Your self-care cards look like they would apply to me (except for the swimming part). It gave me a chuckle that you accidentally put an s at the end of nap on the first day. I am glad you don't need surgery.

  2. Glad to hear it is getting better and you will not need surgery. I love swimming & pool aerobics but too have had moments of over doing. Keep looking up


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