Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Is There a Road Map for Retirement?

I’ve got all kinds of questions that I’m asking myself lately… What will retirement look like for me? Does it have to be scary? Do I have to change? Maybe change my way of seeing myself as a person with a variety of revenue streams, and how to make money on mostly everything that I do will change. That change is a good thing. Just relax and have fun will be my new mantra. Is retirement a nasty word? Will people take me seriously?

I will continue to read about 100 books a year

I will admire the blooms in the garden and share on social media

I will dig in the dirt and plant my gardens with flowers

I will draw and paint my favorite things!

I will go out to lunch once a week and enjoy a lovely Latte at Portola in Provisions Market with a friend

I will enjoy this painted hallway forever

I will deal with life’s challenges…like Crows eating my lawn for Grubs. The exciting part of life

And the challenge of moving my studio home. What to sell and what to keep. How will it all fit? In reality it won’t. Changes have to be made. A lot of furniture to sell. 

Will I continue to quilt. I hope so. I am getting ready to do a big project just for myself and no one else. That is a little hard to wrap my head around. Not working for companies, no deadlines, no shows to enter and no pressure. Maybe this could be the thing that I need to grow as an artist?

I am starting a new series of watercolors that will be made into small wall quilts 18x24. That is what all of the Mistyfused fabric is for. I am hopeful that I can make something and free motion quilt it. Hope is a good word.

And family…my favorite people to spend time with! Our first family photo in 2 years and the first time we have been altogether vaccinated! We had a lovely vacation cooking together, swimming, walking, drinking coffee, reading, and I had my first lesson of watercolor painting with the grands! Family brings my world full circle. 


  1. I wish you wonderful choices each day of retirement. I enjoy mine after 43 years of teaching HS & MS, but I miss my kids. I hope you stay in touch with us all. I love your art, life commentary & feel blessed to have enjoyed a class in Houston with you.

  2. Financial retirement advice is what most people think of. Once you have that covered, the best advice I saw was - have something to retire TO. Not things like organizing the closets and basement that's been neglected for years, or other such projects - once those are done, then what?

    It's people with no hobbies or interests outside their job that really have a tough time when they retire. At best, they end up going back to work in some form. At worst, their spouses write to the advice columnists desperate because they now have someone at their elbow every minute telling them how to do things or end up in divorce court. I think your family, quilting, art, gardening, etc will serve you well for a long time. Enjoy your retirement!

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