Thursday, October 28, 2021

House Painting

Found these in the dollar section of Target. They were actually $3 each and some came in packs of 3

These larger houses are sold separately and they have windows and doors indented on the front and back

These are sold in sets of 3 and I bought 2 sets. Easy to paint because I could hold onto the smoke stacks

For place cards and I am not quite done with these. Sold 3 to a pack

I painted each one with Gesso which is kinda like primer, but for mixed media projects

The start of something fun!


Carrots and peas is this color combination 

Almost done. Adding decorative elements with a Q-Tip dipped in paint for dots

The one in front has slits on the top for a place card to use at a dining table. That might be fun!

I love looking down at the tops

This has been quite fun to do. Painting gives a lot of jOy! 

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