Thursday, November 04, 2021

Got Back on the Horse

This week I decided that I wanted to make a wall quilt 18” square. So, I used one of my watercolors as a jumping off point

I also made by work space on my design table larger by moving everything to an IKEA cart

Quilt #2 fusing fabrics together. The prints that are outlined in black are from a digital panel that I had done a couple of years ago. I use Mistyfuse as my fusible web. It’s the best because it doesn’t change the hand of the cloth

The irons and the houses are also from the digital fabric. It felt good to be back on the horse

Parts of the digital fabrics

Starting Quilt 3. Making the landscape

The black is wool blended felt from National Nonwovens that I use as the middle layer, instead of batting

The house on the hill. The hill is a combo of Hopscotch by me and RJR Fabrics

It is like putting a puzzle together 

More collating of fabrics which is the fun part

Quilt #3 is finished and I love it

Three wall quilts so far for my Fingal Funky Town, mostly based on my watercolors. It’s kinda fun to see how I have evolved in one week after getting back to myself in my quilting studio. Now they need to be quilted! 

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  1. I love seeing your quilting process, it's fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing this!


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