Wednesday, May 01, 2024

My New Tool Box

Trusco is the manufacturer and you can look for similar models on Toyo, both made in Japan. My first ‘new’ tool box. And yes, that is one of my quilts underneath it. I used to teach a class about how to make this quilt. Now, I am going to hang it in our house!

Manufacturers name and model number

It has a slim style and 2 nice handles

The side view…and the excitement mounts to see what it opens to!

So much beauty, room for everything and is visually stunning! So happy!

I have several vintage tool boxes that need to be refurbished. This was my dad’s old tackle box. It will become my garden/seed tool box soon

It has good storage too and the inside is almost pristine. A few fishing items in the bottom

And this one that I picked up in a local antique store. It doesn’t need much work

Love this cool tray. This will make a wonderful art box when I want to paint somewhere else. Stay turned for the transformations of these two vintage boxes. Working on the rust first! 

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