Saturday, June 08, 2013

Happy Dance - Part 2

Now the upper body is under the Goddess Sheet.  Disregard the boobs, since I got a little wild and crazy when I was drawing the large pattern piece.

All of the fabrics that I am using a pre-Mistyfused.

upper dress and sleeves

She's lookin good!

How I made the hands.  I traced my hand on a sheet of white paper

I am trying to use the same fabrics, that I used for the face, sort of piecing them together, because this is the end of the pink painted fabrics.  So sad.

Cutting out my hand smaller than my own hand, because of the scale of the piece.  I didn't want her to have big mits
Now she is coming together!
The feet, the reason for the happy dance, or rather the left foot, that can now bend, from having an ankle replacement

More to come!


  1. That is a really fun piece, love the idea of doing some free form quilt pieces and just having fun.


  2. I love it! Yeah for the knee replacement!


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