Friday, March 15, 2024

And then I gave it up!

We had the inside of our houses painted. Not all of the rooms, because that would make me crazy, but both bathrooms, our bedroom and the living room. It was a lot of prep work to clear out these rooms. Pretty shades of blue.

New work lamp from Etsy

Planted many seeds to start here and then to plant in the garden

Two Irises are blooming!

And then I gave up the 100 Day Project. Just too much everyday. 

I decided to repaint these that hang in our bedroom to store neck scarves

Fresh, fun and new!

Last 6 books I have read. I’ve been enjoying the books by Lisa Unger. ADHD for Smart Ass Women is a tremendous book and I could see myself on many pages of this book. 

This is a work in progress. Wool felt, wool flowers and balls, Sizzix die cuts, buttons and embroidery with Perle Cotton 8. Just keep going. Go forth and conquer. Find your own way. Do what you love!

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