Monday, March 04, 2024

The 100 Day Project 2024

This is a huge commitment to do a piece of art for 100 Days. Working Small 4x4 is do-able. Maybe not 100 days in a row, but I can pave my own way. Working in a variety of mediums that interest me

1/100 uses watercolor dots on paper, scrap color copies that I have collected for years. The houses are from a quilt

A watercolor painting of me reading and drinking coffee. I am an avid reader

The first nine. Leaves on bottom left are block printed onto paper, painted with watercolors and outlined in black ink

Color copies of a silk quilt. A matchbook from the Four Seasons in Seattle circa 1990’s

This one is made with Post-It-Notes on the upper portion. Lettering has been painted with watercolors and then put through a Sizzix die cutter using an alphabet set. Lower portion is a drawing and painted with watercolors on rolling paper. Yep, the kind people to use to roll their own. It’s very thin and delicate

Leaf is block printed, painted and outlined. Watercolored flowers and scrap paper. So fun to create! Onward and upward!


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  2. Your dedication to The 100 Day Project is inspiring! Creating art across various mediums shows true creativity and passion. It's like presenting a diverse portfolio on Sharktank—impressive and innovative. Keep exploring and creating!

  3. Wow, go ahead! 🎨🌟 The 100 Day Project 2024 is such an inspiring commitment to art and creativity! It’s like the venture capital of artistic exploration, investing in your own creativity every day. 🚀🖌️


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