Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Hip is Connected to the Leg Bone...

Oh fun...not. I didn’t know that you can dislocate your fake hip until a few weeks ago. I was walking in my studio and fell. When I realized I was falling I turned and grabbed the steel scissor door to break my fall. I had a friend working with me, and she said it was like watching me in slow motion. I was rather calm and called my husband and then my orthopedic surgeon and then 911. I wasn’t in pain. Here I am in the back of the ambulance. It was pouring rain that day

Here I am in the emergency room and do you know that your foot isn’t suppose to be in that position? One of the paramedics knew that I dislocated my hip, because of the left foot.

Me and the beautiful hospital gown. I had to spend one night in the hospital and learned about a lot of pain meds, because the pain emerged with a vengeance. My first time taking Morphine. It took about two weeks to get them out of my system. 

My husband brought Theo Derbyshire, my emotional animal to the hospital to give me comfort. At 6am the next day, they put my hip back into place without cutting me. Good drugs in the operating room. 

A weird tradition for me to always have some cherry Jello at the hospital

After my two laps around the floor with a walker and a PT guy, he fitted me into this contraption. Needless to say it stayed in the bed, and I went home

Back to the scene of the crime. This is the steel scissor door that I grabbed onto. I landed on that mat. I am recovering. My body has been through trauma. It’s like starting over. I was 6 mos out from my ball-ectomy surgery. Now, I have to take it easy until March, which doesn’t make me very happy. Went back to the gym/physical therapy place to work with a personal trainer to strengthen my hips. Apparently, it could happen again, so building those hip muscles is my first priority. I had to cancel my trip to QuiltCon. Thank you all for your kind words on social media. It carries me through the hard days. Onward and upward. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

So much fun at Craft Napa 2019

Craft Napa 2019 was a remarkable and memorable experience. Leslie Tucker Jenison and I took a brief trip to Berkeley before heading to Napa. 

Our brief trip to Berkeley offered some challenges of getting up these stairs in the pouring rain and darkness. This staircase was the least of our worries, with cement ramps, and stairs with uneven stones and moss heading up to our AirBnb. Quite a lovely cottage, except for the stairs.

We visited this lovely store in Oakland ‘A Verb for Keeping Warm.’

On Wednesday I help Leslie set up her two day class and Pokey‘s barn. It was such a beautiful day at her property even though it was pouring rain.

Up first was teaching my typewriter workshop. This was a new class for me for a beloved wall quilt that I have made over the years and first for the quilt alliance contest which won a prize. A lot of people have written me over the years about teaching this class or creating a pattern so that other people can make the quilt. I admit it was hard for me to envision this class without having a paper pattern to guide my students. I had six pattern testers, and yes there is still plenty of work to be done to finalize that and sell it. Oh but what a fun class to teach with willing and fun participants! Each one unique to the artist who created it.

A sampling of what students created

Stencil Scrumble was a night class and people were tired, but everyone created some fabulous fabrics using StencilGirl stencils and Jacquard Textile paint. People wanted to leave early, so we crammed a lot into 2 hours and everyone took home some fun fabrics!

The face class was quite fun too! My concept of whatever floats your boat and you can make whatever you want within the 18 x 18“ square. I love this class so much because I get to see each person‘s individual style. This was my second time teaching the class at Craft Napa. This class was clearly my swan song, as I have decided to retire from teaching quilting classes. Bittersweet, but I know that I have made the right decision.

And a fun pic with some of my friends from the Artists Circle (private art group), who were also teaching at Craft Napa. 

On my days off, I drew and painted patchwork dogs! And one bear...Theo Derbyshire on IG follows me and always asks for a bear drawing, so his dream has become a reality. 

Leslie and I packed everything up and went to Oxbow market for our last Latte at Ritual.  So much fun! 

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Visual Journal for December 2018

2018 brought us two grandchildren, remission for our oldest son, more family time, a hip surgery, and plans for some future major changes for me. Wishing you all a very happy new year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hanging Out at Home

One of ur kids has learned how to make sourdough bread, so I learned too. He gave me some of his starter. Here is my first loaf and it turned out pretty good. A little dense, but it made delicious toast. Each week I will need to feed the starter and make bread. 

We’re having some work done in our backyard, so I have had to be home while the workers are here. This area has had turmoil with stones bent broken up by large trees that have since been removed. The diving board will be taken out. That the part that really gets me. It is what it is.

And finished! A really nice stone patio. I am going to look for a couple of chairs and a side table to put there. Would be a nice spot to read or draw or have a cup of coffee. 

Unfortunately, I hurt my neck during crazy quilt Market prep and my right arm has been out of commission until this past week. It is so nice to be able to draw and paint again.

I really like this one. I am thinking I might make some of my watercolor paintings into panels on Spoonflower and sell them.

My Top 9 likes on Instagram. The grand babies win! Got a little coffee and activism in there too. Cheers!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Visual Journal

I started a visual journal on Monday, November 5th - the last day of market

First day off and kicking it off with a spa appointment 

Annual Eyeglass appointment at Insight Optical!

A 24 course one bite dinner at Eculent 

People have often said that there is a hangover that occurs a few days after Quilt Market. You may feel fine at the close and even the next day, but Friday comes and the struggle is real

Road trip to San Antonio

Departing San Antonio and flying home 

Back to reality and taking the day off to relax, unpack, and catch up on recorded tv shows

Monday, November 12, 2018

Quilt Market in Houston

My wall at Fall Quilt Market in the RJR Fabrics booth. Heavy on the Metal, a four color collection. I am so excited about my newest line! Zippers, measuring tape, hardware, collage, alphabet, words.

The RJR display on the front side of their booth. Celebrating 40 years. Each one of the decoupaged balloons is a sku from the new lines that were launched at this market

Here’s me in my zipper dress! 

The 3-d typewriter that I made with my fabrics! Sew fun! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Counting Down to Quilt Market

I finished this wall quilt yesterday as a sample of the fabrics in my new collection ‘Heavy on the Metal’ by me and RJR Fabrics. Dress-Up. The buttons were fussy cut from the Hardware fabric in black.

I am so excited about this collection because it is so unique in colors and content! I will be doing demos in the RJR booth #1034 on Saturday from 2-4pm and Sunday 1-2pm 

Today, I even had time to tidy up my big mess of Quilt Market prep. I will come home after Festival to a clean studio! Woot. Then Craft Napa prep begins. Hope to see you at Market and/or Festival. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Best of Dinner at Eight Artists Exhibition Catalog

The exhibition catalog/book is available to purchase on Amazon. The exhibit will be shown at Quilt Market and Festival in Houston. We have had a great ride in the past ten years!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Heavy on the Metal inspired by

Heavy on the Metal fabric line was designed with these wall quilts in mind. My other color palate that has earned me the most recognition in the quilt world. This dress hangs in my studio ‘Dress Up’ 2012 was made for a gallery show

Home is Where Your Story Begins won a prize in the Quilt Alliance Contest. This is one of my favorite pieces that I have ever created. It’s in a private collection.

Metal Measures won my biggest prize in the Quilt Alliance contest. It hangs in the Handi Quilter headquarters office in Utah. 

This photo is a little blurry, but you get the idea. This was made for the Quilt Alliance contest to celebrate their 20th anniversary. 20 Dresses. Those are 5” custom made zippers in between each little black dress. It’s one of my favorites. It’s owned by Meg Cox.

The iconic typewriter. I am teaching a class at Craft Napa in January on how to make this wall quilt using this unique palette of colors

This postcard was the beginning of this adventure. Virginia Spiegel gave me some great advice years ago to start a series of quilts with these colors with metal embellishments in about 2006. This is 4x6 inches.

Hardware: a few of my favorite metal embellishments!

Metal Measures makes for my famous log cabin wall quilt. This is my rendition and it’s hand drawn and has metallic silver on it. 

An alphabet with symbols. Typewriter Keys. There is enough spacing between the letters to make typewriter keys. They are also metallic and have a subtle shimmer.

Play on words is what this line is all about and my obsession for metal. Low volume white, red, and white with black. So fun!

Rebel Quilter - collage, also has metallic elements. All hand drawn. The red is gorgeous although hard to see in this photo

And the icing on the cake - pedal to the Metal - zippers! Easy to sew without the fear of breaking a needle. So excited! Heavy on the Metal by RJR Fabrics debuts at Fall Quilt Market and ships to stores in February 2019. Dream realized.