Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop

I am happy to be a part of this line up of Spring cleaners! 

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Organic Zen Wall Quilt

When I received my stencils in the mail, I already knew what I wanted to create. A hexagon wall quilt using the designs straight on. I admit that it was just a little time consuming, but totally worth it!

I used RJR fabrics cotton Supremes for this project, they come in a huge range of colors. I fused each color with Mistyfuse. Lay the lightweight fusible onhe wrong side of the fabric. Make sure than none of it is over the edges. Make sure it’s totally flat.

Then using a piece of parchment paper or a Mistyfuse Goddess sheet. I love the Goddess sheets because they get the best fuse. The Fat one covers a fat quarter. Glide you iron over the surface in a circular motion making sure that you capture the sides. Let it cool and then pull up one corner. If it has strings, pull it back down and press again. 

This is what it should look like if it is cooked. I trim the areas that don’t have the Mistyfuse and then I lay them on my couch or a table for them to dry. I really like the 12” bolt of Mistyfuse

I cut RJR Supreme solids into 6” squares after they were fused and started stenciling them on each piece of fabric one by one and changing the paint color in some cases so that they would pop. This was the time consuming portion of the project. I used all of my new stencil designs for this project. 

After they were dry, I cut them into hexagons on my Sizzix Big Shot.they really look great! At this point I a, hoping that I got a good mix of colors for my project.

I decided that I needed more green, so I used the 9x12 stencils Zen Landscape and Zen Leafy to create a border for my wall quilt. I loved how these turned out 

I started by placing each hexagon on a Goddess Sheet and just overlapping them slightly, and also trying to make sure that each row was straight. Then I pressed them into each other with my iron. 

Next I fused the hexagons to a piece of black wool blended felt. Then I trimmed all sides using my rotary cutter and ruler. I backed the quilt with a piece of aqua wool blended felt. No batting or binding is my motto. Be a Rebel Quilter! Since I only make quilts for the wall, they will never be washed. 

Ready to free motion in an Organic flowy way using aqua thread by Isacord. 

I pressed this with my iron halfway through to keep it flat. I trimmed the aqua background to about 1/8the of an inch from the sides. See the first image of the Quilt.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Stencil Designs ‘Organic Zen’

Introducing my newest stencil line ‘Organic Zen’ for StencilGirl Products. Five 6x6 and two 9x12. You can see more here
StencilGirl link

I created a wall Quilt with my entire line using Mistyfused RJR Supreme solids and a Sizzix hexagon die. My next post will be about how to make this quilt. The Zen Landscape large stencil was used for the green on the edges. This stencil is an enlargement of the 6x6 Zen Landscape.

My other project is a painting on wood using the stencils. This was pretty fun to create.

I started with this

Then went to this. Starting the layers of color and pattern

Adding some more stencil elements

Making a bold statement with the finish! I love the sky and all of the layers. I am so happy to have a new line. Stencils add so much to your art. They are well made and priced well. Be sure to check out the StencilGirl club on the website. 

Monday, April 09, 2018

Trailer Art Collection in my Studio

As an artist I have a hankering to collect certain things. I’ve had a slight obsession with trailers over the years in my own work and others. Here is one of those collections by artist Chantal deFelice.

I began my collection after finding her work in a small store in Costa Mesa, CA inside The Camp. Airstream dreaming comes to mind

Then this one bought at The Patchwork Show in Santa Ana. I love the composition and the bathtub perched outside.

I received this one as a gift and I absolutely love the red accents


Obsession in my own artwork. This design is a stencil that I designed for StencilGirl and it is still available on their website.

One of my wall quilts. Road trip with friends!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Looking Back

This week while doing some research for a project, I found some lists of goals from way back when for my artistic life. I kept journals of all of my work, notes and goals for about 6 years.  This was about the time that I felt like I needed to write everything down to keep myself organized. I still do that to some extent, but in a different way. 2007 was a big year. I moved my studio from my house to an office park, I wrote my book ‘Embellished Mini Quilts,’ did a large commission for a church and a public project for your library with the Cut-Loose Quilters.

Followed by 2008. Planning for the first Festival in Long Beach. How I miss that venue. This is the year that I had my hip replacement. I became a co-rep for SAQA Southern California, when they paid for our memberships, which is always a nice perk. I organized the SAQA booth at Festival in Lomg Beach. My Surf’s Up Quilt hangs in our house. Our daughter graduated from high school and went to college. MIU started at Festival in Long Beach!

And 2009 when I started giving my year a word.  Dinner at Eight Artists was created with Leslie Tucker Jenison and we became a curating team.  Our exhibits started at Festival in Long Beach. We had a group of volunteers to help us set up our exhibit and then we all had lunch together. It was a special time. Our Artists Dinners originated here too. This year we will present our 10th exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

I could not find the page for 2010, so we will skip to 2011. On the upper page of notes, I love the one about saying NO more. Be selective about your projects. I am pretty good at this one now. My word for that year was choose. This was a pretty lofty list of goals form 2011. Before Thanksgiving of 2011, my dad died suddenly of a heart attack and my life changed forever. My mother died 4 months later. Writing these goal lists became a challenge. My sister and I cleaned out my parents house over a 6 month period. 64 years of living in their forever house, so you can imagine how painful this was. My life stopped for a bit. I learned so much from this time in my life. I take pictures differently now, after cleaning out my parents photos and slides. Too many waterfalls and sunsets, photos of things that had no significance to us, but then to find the treasures of our lives - the people pictures. This is what is important.

My lists resumed, but a little different. They have been taken over by deadlines for upcoming projects as a Fabric designer, an artist for StencilGirl, exhibits that I jury and curate, quilts that I want to make, trunk shows, teaching, coming up with new classes, designing and writing patterns, drawing for fun, promoting products that I love and whatever else that comes my way, I am truly blessed in my work as an artist, my family and friends. 

A brainstorming page from when I was a member of The Sketchbook Challenge. At the start, we all had the opportunity to choose our own theme for a certain month. I still do this for other projects. It is so fun to see these ideas and how certain ones have carried through in my artistic life. TSC was started by my friend Sue Bleiweiss. You can still visit the blog and see all of the amazing art we created each month. This project brought me back to my roots of drawing. There is also a book too. Such great memories of interpreting themes. We did some collaborations as well.
The Sketchbook Challenge link

The House Quilt Project was started in 2010 and working with Furnishing Hope. They furnished and decorated the houses and my group made customized house quilts 12x16 for each one. Our first project was for Habitat for Humanity with 18 houses. A little sidebar note for the Veterans First project which was our second. These are my notes from my first meeting. Now we are in 2018 and The House Quilt Project is still going strong with two projects and I am always looking for people to make house quilts. Patriotic house quilts with a house and an American flag on the masculine side 12x16 vertical format and Heart of the Home for women and children who are transitioning out of homelessness 14x14 whimsical and cheerful. Let me know if you want to make one!
link is here

Friday, March 30, 2018

Hand Painted Eggs for Easter

In my 20’s I hand painted Leggs Eggs for my parents for Easter. They have passed on, and now I have the eggs back that are displayed prominently in our house. Remember Leggs Eggs? You could buy pantyhose in a plastic egg. I have hand painted dozens of these eggs for friends and family in my 20’s with acrylic paint and black India ink.

This year I decided that I wanted to continue that tradition from many years ago and now I am in my 60’s. I found these at Target, but to my surprise they were bumpy from the glitter, so I tried sanding them down a bit.

I painted two layers of Liquitex Gesso to cover up the color and the glitter. Now they are ready to paint!

I began by drawing my designs with a Sharpie. The smaller eggs are also from Target as part of the Magnolia collection and made out of paper. The ink is my guide for painting and I knew ahead of time that these lines would be drawn again after they are painted.

Thestart of the painting. Acrylic paints are not the same. Student grade Blick does not have the coverage like Liquitex soft body paint. I found that some needed more layers than others. Frustrating to say the least. It’s time to go to the art store for good paint.

Backgrounds are being painted and I glued each egg together so they can’t come apart for more stability

I drew over my original lines with a Sharpie and added some fun accents to the artwork. Then I carefulLy adders the Liquitex Gloss Varnish with a fan brush one end at a time. Two coats later and they are looking pretty great. Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Instagram Quilt Fest

Every March for National Quilting Month amyscreativeside brings on the #igquiltfest where everyone is given a prompt each day.

Here is the list. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I thought it would be nice to share my posts with you on my blog! 

Introduction. I’m Jamie and I make fused whimsical quilts for the wall. I am a third generation Californian. My studio is in an industrial park and is an organized mess. I love bright colors, but also like the combo of red, black and white. I am old school and hand draw my fabric designs for RJR Fabrics and StencilGirl. I believe there is room at the table for everyone. My way of making quilts is less about perfection and more about having fun. Designer for RJR Fabrics and StencilGirl. Ambassador for Mistyfuse and Havel’s Sewing.

Machine. Bernina 750QE from my Bernina Ambassador term. I bought my machine at the end of my contract. 

Studio. And a very clean design table. My dream studio. One giant room with a bathroom. Double doors in the front and a truck door in the back. 

Fast Finish. 14” square house quilt for women and children who are transitioning out of homelessness. The House Quilt Project. I work with Furnishing Hope. 

Notions. Havel’s scissors, rotary cutters, snips, mat and ruler and don’t forget the pinking shears. Mistyfuse and a Goddess Sheet. A Sharpie. My fav pin cushion from when I graduated from high school in 1971.

Scrappy Quilt.  Small Quilt made with Dupoini silk. Mistyfused and free motion machine quilted.

On the Cutting Mat. Sizzix die cuts using my Hopscotch line of fabric. Such a fun miniature collection!

Stacks. 5 yard cuts of Hopscotch and Sewing 101 just waiting to be cut and folded into bundles.

Finally Finished. Taking the Sizzix die cuts to make a house quilt. 14” square from the Heart of the Home project through The House Quilt Project.