Friday, October 21, 2016

Going in Style to Quilt Market

My good friend and co-curator for Dinner at Eight Artists, Leslie Tucker Jenison has her first line of fabric coming out at Fall Quilt Market!  I am so exited for her!  RJR Fabrics, Urban Artifacts, Quilt with Love

Sizzix Fab / Big Shot die cutting machine, the best die cutter on the planet in my humble opinion

Enter Hexagons. My favorite shape to cut out on a die cutting machine, and certainly not my hand. These are small and less than 1" in size

I bought this purse at a local thrift store, and it was in excellent condition.  I taped off parts that I didn't want paint on.  Then painted all of pink with white gesso. It is the perfect canvas for my project

Creating a new purse with hexagons in Leslie's new fabric line. I am using Liquitex Matte Medium as my glue for this decoupage project

It kinda reminds me of those gum wrapper purses. Both sides of the purse will be different. I call it artistic license

The other side. Next will be trimming, sealing, sanding, and sealing some more

Finished decoupaged purse in 'Urban Artifacts' by Leslie Tucker Jenison!

The flip side!  This will be on display in the RJR Fabrics booth at Quilt Market in Houston!  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Furnishing Hope

One of my other things that I do is The House Quilt Project and work with Furnishing Hope, a nonprofit that provides furniture and decor for wounded service members. My project calls for quilters to make patriotic house quilts for every house or apartment that Furnishing Hope provides for. So far, the project has made over 250 house quilts over the years for Habitat for Humanity Orange County, Veterans and Wounded Service Members. Furnishing Hope has a display that is used to promote the program. I am making a lumbar pillow for a wing chair that they can use for this display

I constructed the house with Mistyfused fabrics and hexagons cut on a Sizzix die cutting machine in two different sizes. One larger size for the sky, and smaller for the landscape.  I love a red house! 

Hand cut out letters to spell out 'Hope" because we all want some of that. The house quilt has been fused to a piece of wool blended felt with a 1/4" of it all around the edges

In between free motion quilting, I press the piece out, to keep it flat

Free motion machine quilting

My perfect little sharp snips by Havel's Sewing. These are great for travel too.

Now we're ready to roll.  Orange flowers, because I live in Orange.

The pillow, stuffed with fiberfil and hand sewn on the side where I left an area big enough to get my hand through

The finished pillow and I am so happy how it turned out!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Urban Artifacts

I am happy to announce that my good friend, Leslie Tucker Jenison is now a fabric designer for RJR Fabrics!  Her line "Urban Artifacts" will debut at Fall Quilt Market!  I am so excited for her!  Look at these intriguing prints and colors, that are based on her surface design work. I think it's all pretty cool

Sizzix Fabi / Big Shot die cutting machine to cut all of the shapes that I do not want to cut by hand

I cut a bunch of these. Hexagons are less than 1" on the Sizzix machine

Enter a globe.  I bought it at Target, my favorite store.  I have a thing for globes, because there are so many things that you can do with them. One word 'decoupage.' I am going to cover this globe with hexagons from Leslie's line

I painted the entire globe with Gesso, the perfect primer for most of these kinds of projects.

Using Liquitex Matte Medium, I carefully placed each hexagon on the globe, one by one and making sure there was contrast between each one

Whoohoo, ready for the clear gloss
The globe with Urban Artifacts by Leslie Tucker Jenison, RJR Fabrics, Quilt with Love

From the top!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Twist and Shout in the Studio

This summer I decided that I wanted to make some changes in my studio that were a long time coming. Number one was to clear out all of my supplies and stuff that I am never going to use again. That part is done. I have some last few boxes to go through, but it is doable. The next thing I did was move my painting area from the back of my studio to the front, mainly to have access to fresh air that my open front door provided. This table when I am not painting will act as my conference table for meetings

I have this extra table for now where I am putting together my kits for Craft Napa "Zen Stitching" and reorganizing all of my felt scraps. It will be good to get this organized and put away. One class is almost a wrap regarding kits

My other focus was to move my sitting area to the middle of the room, to create a larger area for guests to sit.  You can see the before pictures here

So, when you walk into my studio, the sitting area is front and center

Across from my red and white polka dot couch is a metal bench in the same color scheme. Red chairs that are painted with positive affirmations in white grace this area

A side table that I got out of the trash as my previous studio sits in an unfinished state

My sewing machines have moved to just behind my design table, which seemed alot more logical that where they were previously. Get a piece done, put it on the table for free motion machine quilting

The left aisle, which still needs some clean up is looking good

All of my shelving used to be horizontal, as acted as a wall between the sewing area and the painting area.  This way I can see all the way back to my studio. And the air flow between the truck door and the front door is way better

The right side is made up of red painted furniture, which stores paint, stencils, books, light box, paper cutter

Here are the girls

One of my favorite areas of my studio. Hand painted table with vintage typewriter. Thanks for stopping by to see the changes in my studio!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Rebel with a Cause

My color palette for this particular project. The top is my own artwork printed by Spoonflower in black and white, and I colored it in and heat set it. The dots and stripes are made by RJR fabrics.  Aren't they fun?

I was contacted by The Quilt Show to make a bear in my signature style. Rare Bears website

RARE Science is a non- profit research organization that focuses on accelerating identification of more immediate therapeutic solutions for kids with rare disease potentially through repurposing currently approved drugs and other therapeutic approaches.

The bears will be on display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas this fall in the Quilt Show booth

I placed the pattern just where I wanted it for the body. There were certain words and objects that I wanted to  be visible

I agonized about this project for days, because I was uncomfortable with making seams and using stuffing. I have never been good about making animals or dolls. I'd rather have the open seams on the outside, rather than turn them inside out, but I forged ahead because I made a commitment

I felt like it was quite the stuggle to even get his head made. Yes, it's a 'he.'

Arms and body. I might have wanted to plan this better and switch out the colors a bit, so they weren't the same on each side. Oh well. I am growing tired of ripping out seams. I had to hunt for my seam ripper, because I never use it.

I hand sewed his black felt nose on and then decided that he needed kinda dorky eyes. They are made with felt and hand sewn.  I love his head.

This the exact part that I messed up on. Pattern writers should have clear illustrations on what to do next. I could not figure this out to save my life. A couple of friends gave me suggestions, because they had already made their bears. Deep breaths. I forged ahead because I want to get this bear made.

He's wondering too if he will get any legs or arms

When in doubt, just change the pattern and make it right for you. My bear will be different from everyone else's. I am okay with that. Variety is the spice of life.
He's looking pretty cute!

Don't you just love the color Orange?

and he has a red zipper with aluminum teeth sewn on the back as an extra bonus.  You can see my bear on  The Quilt Show here

My bear is a Rebel with a Cause. Dedicated to my step-son (dbfs) who was diagnosed with a rare cancer this year. This became very personal to me. I kept going on this difficult project, because my son has forged ahead with his treatment like a champ. If he can do all of these really hard things, I can at least make this bear.  Love you, Dan.