Friday, August 22, 2014

Fit for a Birthday Queen

The making of the birthday crown.  I cut 2 long narrow pieces of wool blended felt and fused them both with Mistyfuse.  I did this so they would bond extra well to one another.

I made a very basic pattern of hills and valleys on two pieces of graph paper taped together

Pinned the pattern to the felt and cut with a pair of Havel's very sharp scissors

I cut circles, flowers, leaves and hexagons on my Sizzix Fabi Die Cut Machine in fabrics, as well as, wool blended felt, and fused them to the crown.  I am building up my canvas for sewing it together and hand sewing.  The felt is all by National Nonwovens #TOY002.  Some felt pieces were from previous projects where I actually washed it to fluff it up.

Here is the finished masterpiece.  You can click on it to see it larger.  I envisioned it to look like a fiesta, with bright colors, and elements that the birthday queen would like.

Scissors in the middle, since we sort of run with them in our studios.  I also cut wool felted balls in half and built some dimension.  I enjoyed how relaxing it was to have a project that I could just hand sew at night and on the weekends. This was great fun to create.

Side detail.  I used #8 perle cotton for the hand sewing.

Other side detail

Then after I tried the crown on a few times, I realized that it could be pretty hot, because of the wool felt, so I lined the back side with cotton, and sewed it into place.  I used black velcro in longer strips, so that it could be adjusted for any size head.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Free Motion Quilting 101

I made this piece from leftovers from my stencil projects, using StencilGirl Products 15-1/2 x 19. You can click on it to see it larger.  The fabrics were fused with Mistyfuse, before they were stenciled with Jacquard Textile Paint.  Then fused to a piece of black wool blended felt and backed with a piece of bright pink wool blended felt.  National Nonwovens #TOY002 (can be purchased at Joann's)

BERNINA screen - I am using the straight stitch to prepare for free motion machine quilting

This is my most favorite foot #29.  It get me through tiny space, and I can see through it.  I also use this foot to sew zipper trim onto my quilts

This is the easiest way to practice the art of free motion quilting.  I think of this as drawing with my sewing machine needed.  An easy way to start is to echo shapes on your quilts.  Don't worry if you draw outside the lines, it's okay.  This is not about perfection.

I am basically going around in a circle, and moving to the next circle by cutting through the rows with my needle.

Same with the houses.  I outlined the houses and roofs and the landscape below.  The stitching brings out the house, sort of pops it out!

and here I am doing my own design of a leaf.  Most of my free motion machine quilting is sort of an organic form with these leaves.  This is just one more step to good design, the quilting portion.

This is the way that I quilt, using my left hand to guide the needle and the quilt to where I want to go

Flowers are very fun to sew around, and with these curves, it can open you up to a doing this on a quilt with no flowers, until you create them in the free motion machine quilting!  I mean how cool is that?

I always press my pieces with a hot iron mid-stream, so it doesn't crimp up during the process.  I want it to stay the same shape, and pressing helps.
I decided to use the zig zag stitch with the free motion foot to outline all of the edges of the dresses.  That's one of the beauty's of the foot, is that you can zig zag with it, without having to change feet.

Here's the dress!

And circles are so fun to do on a quilt!  I love the effect with the stitching!

On this particular one, I added hot pink fabric in the skirt of this one, which I thought was rather fun!

and the Cup of Joe got some fun stitching
You can clearly see the free motion quilting from the back.

Yes, those are embroidery thread knots on the back.

I hope this inspires you to take the leap to teach yourself how to get started with free motion machine quilting!

This was my hand sewing project for a few weeks.

The simple stitching added so much to the art quilt

Background for a dress
The finished art quilt!

Monday, August 11, 2014

New Stencil Designs Release!!!

I am so excited to share with you my newest stencil designs for StencilGirl Products!  These are inspired by my fiber art work.  Things that I think everyone would get a kick out of using in their own work, whether it be on paper or fabric! A few of my favorite things!  My designs are hand-drawn on paper.  StencilGirl is an angel company, which means that you can use any of their designs in your work for your own use, and to sell.  All of their stencils are made in the USA. Check out their blog announcement too! StencilGirl Talk too!
20 Dresses is the inspiration behind the "Dress Up" stencils 
9x12 - Dress Up Fashions

6x6 - Dress Up, small
I had so much fun with using these stencils.  The possibilities are endless!  I used Jacquard Textile Paint on hand dyed Batiks.  All of the fabrics were pre-fused with Mistyfuse!  I also used Carolyn Dube's Vintage Alphabet stencils in most of my projects.

9x12 - Stitch Sampler;  includes stitches, free motion work and a measuring tape

Large kraft tags. Dress Up and portions of the Stitch Sampler stencils. I used Liquitex Acrylic Paint onto reduced pattern back images that were laser color copied.  I love the vintage look of these.  They will may great cards or even gift tags.  I finished them off with the black and white polka dot ribbon

The Little Black Dress.  I used Jacquard Textile Paint on fabric to create this sweet piece.  The measuring tape and loop de loop is stenciled onto 1" wide twill tape.  I love the look that this creates. 

Detail of the dresses.  I stenciled them onto black fabric, and again on the batik, then fussy cut the dresses out and placed them on the colors.  I love the effect this creates.
detail to show one of the dresses.  I used pinking sheers to cut the edges around the stencil stitches
Probably my most favorite motif in my work is a house.  So, now you know what is coming next!
6x6 - Patchwork House

6x6 - Whimsy House
The Patchwork House.  Gotta love this!  And it's surrounded by fabrics from my line "Home is Where Your Story Begins" by Hoffman Fabrics.  The perfect centerpiece for the fabric!

Detail - I stenciled many different colors of fabric, cut them up to create this "patchwork" house.

The Whimsy House - it says it all.  Also in this art quilt is a stencil from my first line "Cup of Joe," minus the saucers!  The fabrics I used were all Hoffman Batiks and Hand Dyes!
Detail of Whimsy House stenciled.  I love the textures in this hand-drawn stencil.
The next group of stencils were inspired by this art quilt "Airstream Dreaming" that made the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine last summer for their travel issue!
9x12 - Vintage Camper Trailer

6x6 - Vintage Camper Trailers, small
Lazy Days of Summer.  6x6 Vintage Camper Trailers, small.  I used Jacquard Textile Paint
Up close and personal.  You can see the added hand stitching.   I used #8 Perle Cotton

9x12 Vintage Camper Trailer - I used Liquitex Acrylic Paint and watercolors to create this painting!  I love the bunting flags that are all different and fun!  And who wouldn't want a purple and aqua trailer with pink polka dot curtains?  So happy!

6x6 Vintage Camper Trailers, small.  This is also done the same way as the larger one.  I just love these little trailers.  It makes me want to go out and buy one and refurbish it for the road!  And you can see Sizzix Designer - Eileen Hull's work here using my trailer stencils in a blog hop
Last, but not least.  An empty bolt has become my canvas.  I used the 9x12 Stitch Sampler with black acrylic paint!  Sew fun!  Here's the link to StencilGirl if you want to buy anything that you've seen here, and to their blog StencilGirl Talk.

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