Saturday, March 18, 2017

Doll Bed Makeover

Selvages. I love them. Collect them. And now I have this big collection of my own selvages from my new line 'hopscotch.' RJR Fabrics allows their designers to create their own artwork for the selvages. I included the name of each design too, and it's all in my own hand. I just love that!

So, with every yard that I fused, I made sure the Mistyfuse went all the way into the selvage. I had a project in mind. The easiest way to make this - covering a mattress on a doll bed - was to fuse the selvages to another piece of fabric that will never show

I am trying to mix up the colors and designs here, making sure that I overlap the selvages

This is so fun!  This gives you another sneak peek at my first line with RJR Fabrics. Debuting at the International Quilt Market in St. Louis in mid-May. The fabric will ship to stores in August 2017.

Skipping over to making the doll quilt. Sizzix dies to create the hexagons. This is the first project that I have made with my line. These have all been fused with Mistyfuse first, then cut on the Sizzix die cutting machine. They are carefully overlapped on to one another. This is a terrific way to see some of the patterns in this collection

I am using a tape measure to make sure than I keep within my range for the size doll quilt that I want to make.

This is way fun.

The doll quilt has white wool felt from National Nonwovens on the inside and backed with this very fun orange print. I cut around each hexagon to make this fun design on each side of the quilt

The mattress cover was sewn together like a pillow. I am so happy with how this turned out!

Doll bed with selvage mattress and hexagon quilt using fabrics from my 'hopscotch' line by RJR Fabrics. Quilt with Love. This project gave me much joy!

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Art of Organization

I am happy to be a new fabric designer for RJR Fabrics!  Many people have asked me how I keep it altogether when I am working on projects for my line of fabric. One yard cuts of each design and colorway arrived and I got to work. I use a bamboo dryer for all of my fused fabrics.  It's a way to keep them organized while I work. It doesn't always look this nice, for when I am working on a series of projects, this turns into a heap of fabric on top and then by Friday, it has to be reorganized.

I set up this table for the folded fabrics by color. This is where I get more fabric to fuse. After I fuse a fabric from these piles, the fabric is folded differently, so I know it has gone through the second phase of fusing, and the folded fabric gets smaller and smaller.

I have two boxes on my design table. This one is for scraps that are the size of my hand or larger. They are all fused with Mistyfuse.  As I work, I add pieces to this box. I can use these for my ongoing wall quilts for my line.

With every fabric that gets fused, I put the selvage in this box. I love selvages. If you click on the photo you can see my custom selvages, printed with my own handwriting. Each selvage has the name of the design on it. I am tickled pink at the thought of these.

The floor by my design table collects all of the really small pieces of fabric that go in the trash at the end of every week. I can stand alot of clutter, but when it gets to the point where I find myself tripping over it, it's time to clean.
Here is the start of one of my many projects. Dresden plate blades made with a Sizzix die. You can see some of the prints in this photo. Just a peek.

Some people have expressed an interest in my scraps, so I decided to keep some. These are scraps from the Sizzix machine that will be saved for that someone who wants to buy it at the end of my sewing time. Onward and upward to Quilt Market in St. Louis!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

RJR Collaborative Quilt

Last year, designers for RJR were invited to make a window for these buildings to share a common thread. I had just turned in my drawings for my first ever line with RJR, so I knew my fabrics would not be available to show in this quilt.  Isn't it beautiful?  It was featured in the RJR Quilt Market booth in 2016

Here is my square - 8x8. My daughter designed this for me.  She did a great job. Our dog with a crown, a cup of coffee, a bird and a donut!  What could be better than that?  This is made with RJR's dots and stripes. So cute!

My fabric is here!  I cut a piece of wool blended felt 12x12. I don't use batting in my quilts, but use felt from National Nonwovens WCF001 as my foundation layer.

All of my fabrics have been pre-fused with Mistyfuse, so they are ready to go. I have carefully overlapped the fabric onto the felt.

I am pressing it in place directly onto the wool blended felt

I have found that cutting from the back, using the felt as the guide, works really well!

I had this little drawing, and no pattern to speak of. I am going to fussy cut and see if it all works out

Here's my first attempt at the dogs head

Just might be a tad too big. Back to the cutting board

Cut down the dog head to make room for the stacking objects. I pressed these parts down with my iron

Using this Pentel Gel Roller for Fabrics pen, I will mark the eyes, nose and eye brows, and legs and feet of the bird

Woot!  It all works, and matches the drawing pretty well
These are the fabric swatches from my line 'hopscotch' that are in this mini quilt. I used some of the selvage to create a dog collar. Pretty sweet!

and hopscotch was his name-o. I free motion machine quilted around the edges of each object and added some shading and fun elements to the donut (sprinkles). 12x12 mini quilt!

Monday, February 27, 2017

threads of resistance

Why I got involved in planning this show - which is open to all quilters and fiber artists. The website is here. Deadline is May 1st. 

I have to admit that I have never been a political person. I was raised in a staunch republican family. We even had one of those Richard Nixon posters - now more than ever! on all wall in our house.  I changed parties because I wanted to fight for women's rights. My body, my choice and voted for Barbara Boxer.  You see I believe that ever woman should be in charge of their own bodies. Government has no say about my body or anyone else's for that matter. I support Planned Parenthood and all that they provide to women. Abortions are a small part of what they do. Don't like abortion? Don't have one.

I am a believer in God and the teachings of Jesus. He was a dark skinned middle eastern Jewish man. And He was friends with everyone, no matter their color, origin, station, period. He was kind, loving, compassionate, caring, gracious, generous and grateful. This is who I follow. I consider myself to be spiritual, and not religious.

Before the election and after, I have become even more aware of what is happening around me. I have educated myself in ways that I didn't think were possible. I am a sponge who wants to read everything about the men in power of our amazing country. All of my 'free reads' on Facebook with the news media have expired. I finally broke down and subscribed to the New York Times. I am just devastated where we are right now. There is so much hate, violence and a great division between people who follow 45 without question, and the rest of us who have a million questions as to why this is happening. Make American Fear Again is what is being sold to us right now.
What better way to express my feelings and passions, than through my art. I did not participate in the march, for physical reasons, but I may take the risk of my health to walk in whatever march comes next. This is too important to pass up, in my humble opinion. My sketchbooks have always expressed my deepest emotions. That is no secret. I am thankful that I can draw to show how I am feeling. Our current administration's plan is to take out country down to the studs, and frankly take away many things that I hold dear. The women's right to choose, equality, public education, clean water, clean air, our constitutional rights, LGBT, medical care, pre-existing conditions, medicare and social security. We the People have a voice! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Color My World - First Peek!

I love color! I am sharing a behind the scenes scenario all about color.  I have a new line that will debut at Quilt Market in May of this year.  It's called a 'blender' line and has about...wait for it....84 different fabrics in the collection.  hopscotch is the name by RJR Fabrics!  I am so excited!  My task was to name all of the colors in my line, and could not use anything in RJR's existing lines.
I rose to the challenge to start making lists. I enjoy making lists. My line is called hopscotch - play time, so this is my first list about everything about playing outside and wondered if any of these could be used for a color name

Here are some more. Glad I saved these lists, because I can use them for my next line

Then I got into the meaning of colors and that might be fun!

Color ideas by design.  There are 11 different hand drawn designs in my collection.
another cool thing about RJR Fabrics is that I could design my selvages.  My handwriting, my icons, my design names.  This is so fun, and I am cutting each selvage off the fabrics as I Mistyfuse them.  The ideas are swirling around in my head of what to make with these.
I am creating my own color/pattern/sku system that will be useful when I am designing quilts. I started with the strike-offs that i received in the Fall and compared them with the actual fabrics.  There were many color tweaks, so I had to make new cards for those.
As I Mistyfuse the fabrics in this line, I organize them by color on this bamboo drying rack.  It just makes it easier for me to really SEE what I have.  Stay tuned for more photos and fun with my line!  Quilt with Love.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Clean Up on Aisle 7

I am still cleaning out and getting rid of things that I will never use. I find it so interesting that as I age, i can clearly see and am able to give away or sell these things. I just don't want to hang onto them anymore. So, every week, I clean out a small section in my studio

I had two Bernina's set up here, but decided to take the oldest one down and put it away, making room for my drawing table

My design table looks good right now in this photo, but at present the top is not visible because of the piles of fabrics on it

My inspiration wall got some new decor, and I changed some things around. This kinda change is very positive

Wool blended felt bolts from National Nonwovens on the two lower shelves, and all of those boxes are filled with Mistyfused fabrics. One for each fabric line that I have designed

The storage area. What do I need to store for later? That's the question of the hour

We have had so much rain, that I have a river of water by the railroad tracks. I hope this never overflows. My studio is the closest unit to tracks

My drawing and painting table
Every time I go to Ikea, I stand and stare at this little house, that could be shelves in my studio. I am still thinking about it and where it would fit into my studio. A girl can dream.

A whimsical and magical pin cushion - a gift from my friend Leslie