Thursday, December 07, 2017

Introducing my Newest Fabric Line with RJR

I am so excited to share my newest line ‘Sewing 101’ with RJR Fabrics. It will launch in January and will ship to stores in April. I am in the midst of making projects for the launch.

16 pieces, all hand drawn to delight all of the sewists out there

They go great with hopscotch, a blender line that was introduced at Spring Market in May 2017.  There are ten here on top that I have chosen to go with Sewing 101

Another selvage shot. I designed my own selvages which I feel is a great perk. 

I’ve got some fun names for each design. The bobbins are called ‘wound up.’ Embroidery hoops ‘Hoop Art.’ And the thread is ‘Twisted.’ Buttons ‘Button up’ and the scissors ‘shear bliss.’ 

The entire line! So happy!

Hopscotch coordinating fabrics. Some of the same doodles from hopscotch are in Sewing 101. These are just a sampling from the line Hopscotch. It has 84 colors and 11 designs and is a blender line. It will always be available. Happy Sewing! Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Textures are all Around Us

I was especially intrigued by all of the textures at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Houston. 

A gorgeous jeweled light fixture hung from the ceiling with great lines

This was also on the ceiling, which looked like folded paper and light coming from the left

This is part of a wall in the bar area. These kinds of lines carried through the entire hotel in the carpet, walls and fixtures

A gorgeous wall of slats from wine barrels were hung on the wall in the bar area

The corner walls of the bar area

This is a lamp and I loved the twists and turns of the gold around the lamp pole

In the lobby by the bar area was a rather large framed piece of artwork in which chunks of glass were glued together to create the ultimate bling for the wall. It changed color with the sun and shadows of the day.

Beautiful tactile balls collaged with blue slices of I don’t know what in a wood bowl on a table in one of the lounge areas.

Lights that I thought were just so cool at the restaurant Pass and Provisions in Houston

These were window slats like blinds in the restaurant Xochi which is in the Marriott Marquis and became one of our favorite places to eat lunch. My photography doesn’t do these justice. It was stunning to see in person.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Quilt Market in Houston 2017

I have just returned home from both Quilt Market and Festival in Houston

The gathering of friends: Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Kathy York, me and Leslie Tucker Jenison

Helping Leslie Tucker Jenison set up her display in the RJR Fabrics booth to promote her new line ‘Urban Garden’

Coming together as Leslie puts the final touches on the artwork with maker tags

My wall Quilt ‘Gardening Gals’ surrounded by Deborah Boschert’s bugs are just too fun! 

Succulents made with her line and surrounded with moss give the look of a vertical garden

She had a great variety of objects made with her line and not just quilts! 

The booth display for RJR Fabrics made by Linda Fitch and Vanessa Stevens. The buildings are made with the new lines that were introduced at Fall Market. So clever! 

The traffic was insane around our hotel with Quilt Market and baseball fans at the World Series. Captain America was there on his bike cab! 

Loved this line of sewing machines by EverSewn that were being sold in the Brewer booth. The Sparrow 25 was very impressive and affordable. It would be a terrific machine for classes and for me just to have as an extra machine in my studio. 

Another fab product - the Laura Star steam iron. You can put tap water in the tank and it has its own water filter. It can press four layers of fabric at a time! If I used a steam iron, I would buy this one. 

At our annual eyeglass appointment in Houston. I had sent to pairs of glasses to get new lenses with my new prescription and was quite delighted to get my favorite glasses back. Glasses are my jewelry! Always such a fun part of our trip. Insight Optical on Sunset in Houston. Ask for Susan Chumchal who is a stylist. She is amazing. I have been buying my glasses here for years. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Urban Garden fabric line

Counting down the days until Quilt Market. I am working with Leslie Tucker Jenison’s newest line with RJR Fabrics. Her Schoolhouse at Market is Friday, October 27 at 11:00am in Room 352D. Hope to see you there!

The Urban Garden. I absolutely love this line. Leslie is a surface design artist and maker. These designs are from her surface design work.

Selvages. At RJR, Fabric designers design their own selvages. Leslie’s lines all have ‘Be Authentic’ with bees

Love rock formations, so I thought I would challenge myself by making these rocks and then sewing them altogether. Rock pile in the concrete jungle. I love the colors and textures in this collection.

Gardening Gals. My next challenge was to make a portrait quilt 18x18 wth her line. Don’t you just love the big dots? Me with a cup and saucer on my head and Leslie with a bird and nest. 

Next up...I am going to make myself a dress for Quilt Market. This pattern by Amy Barrickman/Indigo Junction (also an RJR designer). I am going to make it longer and out of two fabrics from Leslie’s line. I am going to add pockets! I used to make all of my clothes way back when. Hopefully, I am going on the just like riding a bike theory.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Going to PIQF in Santa Clara

Today, I am heading out to Santa Clara for the Pacific International Quilt Festival to represent the exhibit ‘Threads of Resistance.’ I am so excited to be there and it is my first visit to this show! I am looking forward to meeting some of the artists who have work in this exhibit, as well as, seeing old friends.  This is the second venue for this exhibit and I can’t wait to see it all in person.

This is the book for the Threads of Resistance traveling exhibit. It is available on Amazon. I make all kinds of art in my line of work, but it is the emotional pieces such as this that make it the most meaningful to me. I am using my God given talent to protest this administration in my art and with my voice. 

This is my Quilt in the exhibit all about the first 100 days of outrage about 45. Everyday was something new, chaos, bait and switch, lies, taking away our freedoms, war of women’s health, the travel ban, our education system, clean air and water. And we are still a nation in turmoil with his outrageous tweets, gutting the EPA, taking away a women’s right to have access to birth control and leaving the decision to their religious company owner to decide. 45 calls white supremists very fine people. A new travel ban. Tax reform that only helps the rich and makes it worse for the middle and poor. He is sounding more unstable everyday and now challenging the Secretary of State to an IQ test - is he in junior high? Ugh. 

Threads of Resistance book marks with the exhibit travel schedule and buttons to wear. I will have these with me at the show. On Saturday there will be an artists gathering in the exhibit at 11am and hopefully a photo op. 

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Hopscotch...Where to Buy

My newest line 'hopscotch' has started shipping to stores!  So exciting! Many of you have asked where to buy. 11 hand drawn designs and 84 different colors, including black and white.
There are a few Etsy Stores that carry my fabric if you would like fat quarter bundles:  RoyalMotifFabrics, rjf-shop and materialgirlchic
Misscouri Star Quilt Company. You can click on the link here. They care a variety of pre-cuts and yardage and my pattern/kit 'The Art Haus.' 
eQuilter also carries my line and this is a direct link
Keepsake Quilting - they will be in the Fall Catalog
Shabby Fabrics, Jordan Fabrics in Grants Pass Oregon, Quilter's Lodge in Draper Utah, Red Rooster Quilts in Dublin Ohio, Heavenly Stitches Quilting in Kingsport Tennessee and someone told me it is at Rosie's Calico Cupboard in San Diego
and if you find my fabric in a quilting store, give me a shout out and I will add it to a future list. Thanks for stopping  by my blog!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Missouri Star Birthday Bash

My good friend Leslie Tucker Jenison and I took a trip to Hamilton Missouri last week to be part of the Missouri Star Birthday Bash. We went as representatives of RJR fabrics, a company that we both design fabric for. Our main goal was to promote my new line Hopscotch. Leslie is also a designer for RJR Fabrics and her first line was called 'Urban Artifacts.'

They had a little area of their parking lot that was dedicated to vendor booths promoting Fabric lines and other products. We talked about my line, the way I make my quilts, Mistyfuse and planned to do a little make and take project. Then we found out that we would not have access to any electricity, so that kind of changed our plans.

The weather in Missouri was interesting. In Southern California we do have humidity, but it is nothing like what they have in Missouri. It was hot and sticky. Luckily for us we were sitting under an easy up in the shade most of the time. But when the wind comes up in the afternoon we found it hard to hold down our easy up. We literally had to hold the poles down with our hands for a couple of hours.

Late in the afternoon on the first day, we were given permission by Missouri Star to use an ironing board and iron to put together about 200 birds for next day in their retreat center. During the planning stages of this project I was told that I would have electricity in the booth for this Make and Take. That wasn't the case upon arrival, so onto Plan B. The bird is a Sizzix die that is exclusive to Missouri Star. I believe it's a duck. I cut out the birds, the flowers and leaves a few weeks before I left for Missouri on a Sizzix machine. There were enough components to make over 700 birds. People could pin these birds on their shirts or bags. They were really popular!

There were people from all over the world at this event. It was incredible! Bus loads of groups from states and Canada rolled into town. 

Missouri Star is so unique. They own about nine stores and they all house different fabrics. The Batik Boutique, Florals, Wools and Primitives, The Main Store, The Machine Shed (notions), JC Penney store (solids and modern fabrics) and Man's Land (where the men go to hang out while the women shop). The sides of the building all have wonderful murals.

The main building, which is their very first store is a sampling of products from all the other stores. During our time there I did two demos in that building. This is just one of the displays in that building I have some of my fabrics!

The JC Penney building has solids and what could be considered modern Fabric. This is where my line is. Hopscotch consists of 11 hand drawn designs and 84 different colors. Just pinch me. Absolutely thrilled to be a designer for RJR Fabrics! 

These are the tags that RJR uses on fat Quarter bundles using my artwork. I am so happy with how they came out.

Jenny Doan stopped by the booth for a photo op! She has put Missouri Star on the map with her YouTube videos about making blocks! 

Florals. This was one of my most favorite stores!

The view from our booth with one of the painted murals. We had so much fun at this event! So long Missouri Star! Thank you for everything!

The birds were suppose to have googily eyes, but the Glue Dots wouldn't work with the humidity, so we ditched that plan and moved onto the next one. Poked out the top fabric eye to reveal the second layer of fabric and used that cute little RJR pin to secure the pin to people's shirts. Happy Birthday Missouri Star!