Sunday, July 05, 2015

Whimsical Inspirations Coloring Book

I am so excited to share my new book!   Whimsical Inspirations: Coloring and Painting Book for the artist inside everyone! Target Audience - Adults, but I would imagine anyone from age 10 to 110 would enjoy coloring the pages of this book.  It is 8-1/2x11 landscape with coil binding on the left.  A cardboard backing.  It is printed on thicker paper so you can actually paint with watercolors, use water based felt tip markers, and colored pencils.
All Rights Reserved.  For personal use only.  You may not reproduce these pages in any form.
A peek inside my coloring book.  The designs are all drawn by hand from start to finish. For me, personally, this was a very important element to designing this book.
$19.95 each, plus shipping and handling $6.00 per pound. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail.  See PayPal Buy Button in the right column For wholesale accounts, please send me an email

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Digging Out - Revisiting Old Work

I've been digging out, cleaning up and reorganizing my studio for a couple of months.  it has been fun to discover old artwork tucked away, and alot of other weird things that i can't believe that I saved. 'what was I thinking?'  But these pieces were a great find and it is fun to look back on my earlier career.   Watercolors from around 2003, made on a deck of giant playing cards.  The face is a rubber stamp

Art Girl

Love this quote

Sing Your Own Song


Wild Woman from 2009 is 24" square

Detail.  Hand sewn blue beads that frame her face

Detail 2.  See those houses?  So much of my signature style!

La Vie Boheme: The Happy Life  2006

This quilt was shown at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.  Other people recognized my signature style, before I even realized that I had one

Living Out Loud 2006.  37.5W x 26.5H was included in the book "500 Art Quilts" by Lark Books


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Time for a New Journal

This is an ordinary composition book, that I have painted with Liquitex Gesso - 2 coats to cover up the text on the front and a small square in the back.  I squeeze out some in a recycled applesauce container and brush it on.  When you are finished, clean the brush and let it dry completely.  Put the Gesso bottle away and if you want to use the applesauce container again for a Gesso project, with a Sharpie - draw a big "G" on the side, and then put it way out of your reach to dry.

You may be asking why.  I am going to decoupage Washi paper onto the front and back of the journal with Matte Medium.  It is the same color as Gesso, but it dries clear.  The two containers can easily get mixed up if you are not careful. I've done it more than once in this process.  Using a paint brush, I am painting the surface with the Liquitex Matte Medium first, laying down the paper and then painting over the top to secure it into place.  The Washi paper is almost like tissue paper, but better.  I love the transparency and overlapping the papers is quite fun. I got the Washi Paper packs at Daiso.  A brick and mortar store that carries Japanese products and they have an amazing stationery section.

I really like the look of this.  And it has alot of texture.  I didn't care about being perfect, so there are alot of folds and ripples in the paper.  It's going to dry over the weekend, until I add the next step, or layer.

This is wet, but you can see the layering and ripples.
and of course I couldn't leave it alone, but felt that it needed a little pop with the help of a black drawing on it.  so we have a vine with leaves.

And some little stitching lines!

Here is the back
I sealed the front and back with Liquitex Gloss Medium and applied it with a fan brush, for a nice even layer.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Studio Clean-Up: Digging Out

I have been doing a deep clean and purge of my studio this past month, and it has not been very fun, but needed. Basically getting rid of things that I will never use, and there is plenty. I have given away piles of fabrics to friends.  Have 5 more boxes to go and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday, I began reorganizing my quilt storage and pulled out these pieces from the archives.  I thought it was great to see where I have been, and where I am now.
Heavy Metal Apron - I actually shared this apron on Quilting Arts TV in 2009, Series 400.  I used the dual feed feature on a Bernina in sewing 2 very different fabrics together.  Yes, those are aluminum pop tops as the breast plates.  I remember hand sewing them on the airplane to Cleveland and the guy next to me gave me his pop tops from his Bloody Mary mix, as a contribution.

My apron as personal armor.  This is the first in the series.  It was in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine in 2009, Mar/April issue.  The belt includes all of the things in my life that I need for my personal armor.  It was a very personal piece for me.

Close up and not a very good picture of Heavy Metal 2 from 2007.  It is 20" high by 61.5" wide, and it totally unzips.  It traveled in SAQA show "The Creative Force' in 2007.  A modern day shadow box of the things we keep to remind us who we are.

Metal Fruge from 2010.  This quilt has never been shown in an exhibit. I think maybe it needs to hang in my studio in-between the aprons, high up on a wall.

Close up of Metal Fruge

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Organizing Made Fun!

I had a new design table made that is 6 feet by 8 feet with storage underneath, and room for your knees to sit all the way around the table on bar stools.  It is also on wheels. My goal is to keep it free and clear of stuff, like pin cushions, jars of tools, etc, so I can lay large works across the top.  The other end of the table will be for cutting.

So, to keep the table clear, I decided to buy a tall cart for everything.  I could roll it around the space, depending on what I needed as far as supplies.  Cost Plus Marketplace, and you can see that it's a tad bit higher than my table, which I love.  But, it's not the right color.

Painting it with Modern Masters Organic Red Acrylic Paint. Yep, your eyes are not fooling you, that's a Mistyfuse Goddess Sheet underneath it, so paint won't get on felt on the table. Nothing sticks to a Goddess Sheet.

Okay, yes, it is looking a little boring, but there is a remedy to that

StencilGirl Products stencils - the alphabet and a bird - using black acrylic paint

Dresses and bobbins


by hand and some stitching

Sew and Twisted Sister - need I say more?

Corner view! Done and ready to be filled up with stuff. Happy Quilting!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Best Wishes Book

My sister asked me to make a book of hand painted tags for her daughters wedding shower.  The idea is for guests to write their good wishes on the tags.  They would be tied into a book for the bride.

I started this by drawing small designs on the end of Uline tags with a Sharpie pen, then hand painting each one with watercolor paint

Here is the Uline tag.  It's a nice size 6-1/4 x 3 and white #S-2416-W.  One side is slick, and not good for painting, but the other side is slightly less slick.  The paint kinda pools on the tags, which I really like.  It was a little daunting drawing all of the designs.  When I got 30 done, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I used Grungeboard to make the front and back cover


A variety of colorful designs

I made about 60 tags, a true labor of love

They are all pretty different, and I wanted each one to be bright and cheerful

How long did it take?  Hours and hours, days to design and paint!  A lovely handmade gift that I hope will give them joy for years to come! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A New Fabric, Design Idea, and a Zing!

This is a new Hoffman fabric that is being introduced at Spring Market 2015.  It's called Watercolor Palette and it depicts their 1895 Bali Hand Dyes Collection.  I have had it hanging in my studio for weeks, before I cut into it.  I was waiting for it to speak to me.

Isn't this cool?  A rainbow of gorgeous colors with the names underneath the swatch

Here's my favorite section, the vibrant colors

This is a one yard cut, so I am using a 35" Mistyfuse bolt, and rolled it out onto the wrong side of the fabric

I used a Holy Cow Goddess Sheet (made by Mistyfuse) over the top.  This sheet seals the deal.  It keeps my iron free from fusible web.  It covers an entire yard of fabric on my design table.  Using a dry iron on the cotton setting, I run the iron over the entire piece, carefully pressing the edges too, in a circular motion.  Let it cool before removing the Goddess Sheet.  If the fusible pulls up, put the sheet back down and press it more to get a good fuse.

This is the look that you want...shiny!
I love this fabric!  I think that the person who thought of this is absolutely brilliant!

My idea was to make a stacking house village out of the swatches

Cutting, cutting and cutting!

First tower. 

The village.  Not sure it has what I want.  Put a bird on it.  Hmmm.  Then I ask myself 'what if?'
I cut all of the fabric houses up using a new Sizzix die (launching at Spring Market 2015) - a spiral and it fits in a Big Shot or Fabi machine.  Cut it up, all of it.

detail.  This has zing!  So happy with the results!
And now I can show you this quilt, which is made with 2 sizes of spirals.  I am teaching this class at Festival in Houston in the Fall.  I am pretty excited about it.