Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Fall Coloring!

Whimsical Inspirations in my self published hand drawn coloring book that i launched in July of this year!  It measures 8-1/2 x 11 and is printed on heavier paper on one side, so you can use markers and water based paints.  You can use colored pencils too. It is coil bound and has a chipboard backing. It has 12 hand drawn pages for you to color or paint!  It's Fall and leaves are turning beautiful artful colors and falling off trees.  The perfect time to sit down and color.  It is very relaxing and zen-like. 

The introduction page all about this book.  I call it the disclaimer page.  If you would like to place an order and live in the USA, click on the link in the right column.

Here are a few of the pages that i have colored with markers.  If you get real close, you can see that they are not perfectly colored in. I like that.  I can do it my way.

This was colored with Crayola Markers

The growing pen collection. 
Flowers, one of my most favorite things to draw, with felt tip markers
same with this one.  I love how the green makes every flower POP!

This drawing is based on a class that I teaching 'Zen Stitching."  I used Crayola Markers and a white gel pen!

This was done with Watercolor Gel Crayons with paintbrush - available at Target!  Outlined in black with a TomBow brush pen.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Liturgical Commission

I love starting a new project and selecting the fabrics.  I was given pretty specific color choices, words and symbols.  I love making stoles, but it has been awhile since I have made one.  All of the fabrics were fused with Mistyfuse.

I had a pattern in my drawer, but updated it with a stole that my friend lent me for this project.

Rolling out the wool blended felt.

I love the blue 'water' like fabric for the background, and it makes all of the colors pop!

The spirals are cut on a Sizzix Fabi die cutting machine.  I love how the design flows.  It is just happy!

The letters are also cut on a Sizzix Fabi die cutting machine.  It helps saves my hands.

Free motion machine quilted using Superior Rainbow thread in blues.  It was perfect for this project!

The newly ordained minister is a Star Wars fan, so this is just underneath the right side. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Patriotic Palette

Introducing "The Patriotic Palette" a new fabric line that I designed earlier this year.  The catalog was just launched in August of 2015.  This is the cover!

Hoffman Fabrics did an excellent job introducing my new line. This is so brilliant.  I love the star bunting in the spokes of the wheels, like in a 4th of July parade!

The line on the left (you can click on the picture to see it larger) and some of the projects made with the line

Here I am with text about me. The next page is all about The House Quilt Project, which I think this fabric line is perfect for.  Making patriotic house quilts for wounded service members.  More about this project here.
My sample fabrics arrived right before the 4th of July this year.  It will come out next year, with plenty of time for you to make some of your own patriotic projects.  Swooning over the big stars bunting fabric.
This is the free pattern that will be available on the Hoffman Fabrics website soon.  'Sailing Day' all all of my favorite things about summer.  Sailing, Balboa bars (ice cream bars made famous on Balboa Island), stars and stripes, being out on the water.  18x34. A row by row quilt. Here is a link to their website
Some closer views of the 'Sailing Day.'  Free motion machine quilting.

boat detail

Balboa bars.  Vanilla ice cream on a stick dipped into chocolate, and then into your favorite toppings.  Balboa island in Newport Beach, CA

I love the 2" squares too, they add so much to the quilt!  Ships to stores early next year!  So excited to finally be able to share this with you!  More to come!

Monday, September 07, 2015

Hexagons Gone Wild

For many years Leslie Tucker Jenison and I have taught a class "Painting with a Twist." It is a collaboration of sorts, where students paint on primed canvas, and change places about every 10 minutes or so. We don't want anyone to become too attached to their spot on the canvas.  It truly is a very relaxing class and very fun to see how each canvas comes out totally differently than the last.  At the end of class, the canvas is cut up and each student gets a section, or sections, depending on how many people are in the class.  So, I have a huge collection of slices of the painted canvas.

What if?  Enter Fabi by Sizzix.  It's a Big Shot with a new name for fabric!

The Sizzix sandwich.  Cutting pad, Die, and fabric, and in this case 4 layers of painted canvas, and then another cutting pad.  If I was using regular quilting fabric, I could cut up to 7 layers at a time.

My hexagon quilt is growing.  It sat for weeks on my cutting table, while I met some very important deadlines for other projects.  People who came to visit with me were intrigued by these painted hexagons.

On a Friday - that's the day that I don't work on anything with a deadline, I decided to cut up everything and put this together. None of these were fused, and I didn't want to use pins to secure them to wool blended felt.  So, I measured out some Mistyfuse, folding it over in sections that were about the same size as the hexagon, and cut them on the Sizzix machine.  That way I had the perfect size that would be placed under each painted Hexi. Note:  you pull them apart from the middle.
Monday came, and I decided to keep working on this until it was done.  All fused.  I free motion machine quilted it around each hexagon and then added more stitching to each hexagon, to follow a paint line.  It measures about 31x32.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  This could become another class!

You can see that the hexagons were spaced so that the black felt could show through. Hexagons Gone Wild. We are teaching the painted canvas part in Houston this year.  It's a 3 hour class.  #548 on Friday, October 30th from 9am to Noon.  You just bring your apron and we'll have some fun painting with a Twist! IQF website is here

Sunday, August 30, 2015

What's for Dinner?

Mostly ever night on Facebook, I ask the question "What's for Dinner?" and that is how this exhibit was created.  My vision was to set the table with art quilts, instead of hanging on a pipe and drape.  As the co-juror for the special exhibit "What's for Dinner?" that will be shown at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this Fall, I have the opportunity to have a quilt included.  Jurying has been completed, but I needed to get my piece done and sent.  I am starting with 2" strips of cotton fabrics, part of the me+you line from Hoffman Fabrics

Here is my inspiration.  A jar of Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Gelato.  My favorite.  So, why can't I have this for dinner? I have always wanted someone to make a quilt about eating a pint of ice cream for dinner.  So, it's me.  I have never eaten a pint of gelato for dinner, but my birthday is coming up, so it could happen.  I do confess that I can eat a pint of this amazing gelato in one sitting. It's creamy and delicious.

This is something different for me in the way that I Mistyfused the fabrics.  Usually, I fuse a fat quarter of each fabric and then cut them up.  But, this time I already had strips cut.  So I laid them out on my fable, and overlapped them ever so slightly.  Put one sheet over them, and fused them into place.
Then I fused them to a piece of wool blended felt, which will be my foundation (or batting).  I am trimming the edges from the back, using the felt as a guide and my ruler to cut a straight line.

Now my background is ready for it's design.  I think backgrounds are so important, when making a quilt. 

I am making the jar with a piece of lavender fabric int he shape of the jar with a sheer over it, to look like plastic.  Both pieces have Mistyfuse on them.

I actually pieced these strips.  I haven't pieced anything in over a decade.  I probably won't do it again.  It reminded me of why this isn't for me.  So, now several layers of pieced strips are placed on a Sizzix die that is a pair of scissors.

I think that these look like spoons, so they will be fun to use for this.  I am saving the negative side for another project. 
My art quilt is called "Cut to the Chase:  One spoon to rule them all.  Scissors for cutting, chasing the spoons round and round, and one spoon in the middle to eat the gelato in one sitting.

Detail.  And then I went home and ate some.  realized that the chocolate chips are visible from the outside of the jar, so back to the sewing machine it went.

And I also outlined the scissors and the spoon in thin strips of wool felt to high-light them.

Super happy with the results.  What's for Dinner?  Talenti Gelato Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip!  Hope to see you in Houston!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Flower Power and Teaching in NYC!

I have a couple projects in this year and I am dancing on the rooftops about it, because my work hasn't been in this particular magazine in a long time.  Here is the link
and it's all about these flowers!  Cut out on a Sizzix die cutting machine - The Big Shot for the Fabi.  I have a vast collection of flower dies.  I used Weeks Dye Works Wool and they came out beautifully.  Hand sewn with #8 perle cotton thread
Here's a nice stack of Weeks Dye Works Wool in solids and heringbone

This is the start of the small scarf that is featured in this issue as well.  I used Sizzix die cuts in hexagons and hand sewed them to another layer of wool by hand. You'll have to take a look at the issue to see how the flowers were incorporated
I got a little obsessed with making these flowers. I think they add alot to these felt stitchings.  This is a class that I teach called "Zen Stitching."  I am teaching it at the Quilt Alliance event in NYC in September for Quilters Take Manhattan.  This will be a very fun and relaxing 3-hour class!  I will have kits available to purchase. Here is the link

I am using #8 Perle cotton thread to hand sew

A variety of fabrics will be in the kit besides wool blended felt - some pre-fused sheers, commercial cottons and felt hexagons for some added fun!

These have been so relaxing to create.  I hope you will join me in NYC when I teach this class at City Quilter on Friday, September 25th