Friday, February 27, 2015

Decoupage Journal Cover

This is one of those simple composition books that have the black and white design on them.  In the past, I have been known to just start decoupaging my fabric onto the cover, not thinking that the black and white pattern and that little square that says "composition book" would not show through, but it does.  Not going to make the same mistake.

I painted the entire cover with Gesso to block out the black and white print

I was feeling pretty good about remembering to slather some of this on my hands first, so that all the matte medium wouldn't stick to my fingers forever.  This is also excellent to use before you paint, so that it doesn't stick to your finger nails or polish.  Everything comes right off by just washing your hands with soap and water.

I am using some fabric from my 'Heart and Soul Sisters' line - the Daisy colorway. I love this fabric because of the colors, shapes and texture. So many possibilities. I brushed Liqutex Matte Medium all over the front cover, and carefully laid the fabric over it.  I was trying to make sure that I didn't get any air bubbles or creases.  I brushed another layer of matte medium over the top.

And I had this flower that I cut out on my Sizzix Fabi (Big Shot) machine.  The Flower is a Hoffman batik, including the circle in the middle.  I put it on just after I brushed the front with matte medium, and then over the top of the flower as well. 

and the same for the back.  I left the black spine alone.

When it was dry, I trimmed around all of the edges with my teflon coated scissors by Havel's

Then made sure to dab the edges with my brush, to make sure all of the surface was covered with matte medium, and one more coat on the covers, for extra sturdiness
It's getting a little sunbath in the parking lot to help with the drying process

There are still some flaws in my process and a few creases, but I am okay with that.  I added the words 'rebel quilter' to the front

The back and it's imperfections

The final touch is to put a sealer on it.  Liquitex Gloss Varnish with a fan brush.  The fan brush doesn't glop the sealer on, but gives it an even coat of varnish.  It also had a visit to the parking lot to dry in the sun.

and now my book is ready to roll.  It's my Daily 'To Do' list and other notes, drawings, brainstorming, etc.

Here are the three books that I have made and carried with me everyday.  Its about 3 months of stuff in each one.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bird Girl and Leaf Quilts on the BLOG HOP!

WELCOME to the last post on the Autumn is for Birds Blog Hop!  I started making 12" squares, because if I ever wanted to make a larger quilt, I could put them altogether.  It's a good size.  Two toned leaves, backed with the blue swirl from my Heart and Soul Sisters line by Hoffman California Fabrics.  I fussy cut the bird and branches.  All of the fabrics are fused to wool blended felt by National Nonwovens TOY002 black.  I made 4 leaves, then cut them in half, to create two toned leaves.

Second one.  I like the way the stripes go in different directions.  These two leaf art quilts were an excellent warm up to what was next.

Pure fussy cutting of focus fabric, to create a new scene.  I think the green and black stripe add alot to the look of the piece and gives it a little pop! 

I used the text and houses from my first line "Home is Where Your Story Begins"  to create the words and bird houses in the trees.  Very whimsical for sure.  

Okay, let's make a girl.  All of the fabrics have been pre-fused with Mistyfuse.  I am building her on a Goddess Sheet, so when I am done, I can peel her off and put her on background fabric.  Her face is a Hoffman hand-dye.

Building up her hair with the red leaf fabric and the rust and black stripe fabric.  Major fussy cutting.

Adding the leaves and branches on top on her head.  And some cheek ornaments.  She is coming together.

The green leaf fabric makes a perfect background for the bird girl

Big bird and whimsical small tree with more birds added.

Clothes, and a green and black stripe to bring it altogether!  This art quilt is 12x24, which also fits into the 12x12 group!

Here is a close up of the free motion machine quilting, especially on her face.

The upper portion with the bird tree

Here is the back of the quilt, so you can see the free motion machine quilting stitches
The five art quilts together!  Bundle Giveway for US residents only.  Deadline is February 25 at Midnight PST.  Winner will be announced on the 26th.  All blog comments on each of the artists blogs will be included.  Thanks for joining us on the Autumn is for Birds Blog Hop!  The winner is comment #244, which is comment #15 Lisa Marie on Stacy Hurts blog post!  Congratulations to you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Autumn is for Birds Blog Hop!

My newest fabric line with Hoffman Fabrics "Autumn is for Birds" will be in stores in April.  I asked some friends if they wanted to help launch the line by participating in a Blog Hop.  Each artist was given a bundle of the fabrics to create an art quilt or anything that they wanted, using the fabrics in some creative way in their own style.  I am excited to see what everyone created!  It starts Monday, February 16th! 

Feb 16 - Leslie Tucker Jenison
Feb 17 - Lisa Chin
Feb 18 - Cheryl Sleboda
Feb 19 - Stacy Hurt
Feb 20 - Candy Glendening
Feb 21 - Sue Bleiweiss
Feb 22 - Jamie Fingal

These are the fabrics in the collection.  Focus fabric is a collage of elements made by me, using Hoffman Fabrics hand-dyed collection of fabric in the colors that I hand picked.  A couple of Batiks with dots, three stripes, and a hand drawn leaf in green in red.  The green leaf is also the background for birds in branches.  Large and small leaves on a black background.
These are the elements that I used to create the focus fabric on the collage blue background

Bird Blog Hop - Bundle Give-Away!  Super excited about this!  This only applies to residents in the US. If you want a chance to win the bundle, leave a comment on everyone's blog on the HOP. Deadline is February 25th at Midnight PST.   All comments will go into the Random Number Generator, and the winner will be announced on February 26th.  Hoffman Fabrics will be sending out the bundle.  Here we GO!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Artful Valentines

While working on another project for a Sizzix Blog Hop, I received this great flower #658680 to work with.  It is huge and only works on the Big Shot Pro. There is a button in the right column if you want to see what Sizzix is all about.  I thought to myself, 'what if I folded in half and then again, what would it look like?  Funny thing, it makes four perfect hearts. 

So, I gathered up some pre-fused with Mistyfuse fabrics, from my lines, and some Hoffman Batiks and hand-dyes

I made a little collage of fabrics

and another one

Then I got this brilliant idea to have two girls heads on some valentines, because this special day can be about the great friendships you have in your life.  The girls are from my Heart and Soul Sisters line with Hoffman Fabrics

This grid is from my Heart and Soul Sisters line with Hoffman Fabrics, however these are fussy cut out, well, the girls have been cut out, and the grid put back together another way

Okay, this is pretty fun!

And I am pretty happy how this one turned out

And the girls, cut in quarters

I pressed them all on pink wool blended felt, and cut them out, heart by heart.  Put them on another layer of felt and free motion machine quilted each one.  The wool blended felt on the back just gives the hearts more stability!

I think they look pretty great!

and the girls are adorable

Four more

You can see the quilting from the back.  And one with lime green backing.  I cut all of these out with pinking shears by Havel's Sewing.  They made the best scissors!
Then I decided that I wanted some larger hearts.  I didn't have a big heart die, so I improvised by using the large Melon die #660198 from Victoria Findlay Wolfe's collection at Sizzix, and you have to have a Big Shot Pro to cut this die.  I folded them in half length-wise and cut the heart.  They are kind of wonky, but I think it adds to the charm of them.  I used my Heart and Soul Sisters fabric line, and some from Home is Where Your Story Begins.

I fused them to red wool blended felt

and backed them with this beautiful pink. Wool blended felt by National Nonwovens TOY002

I made this one for my daughter who is celebrating a birthday this week!  Her heart has a red scalloped border. The hearts are about 9" high by 7" wide

And here is the result of all of the heart bunting that I made.  I am pretty darn happy with how they all came out.  Happy Friendship Valentines Day!

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