Sunday, March 11, 2018

Instagram Quilt Fest

Every March for National Quilting Month amyscreativeside brings on the #igquiltfest where everyone is given a prompt each day.

Here is the list. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I thought it would be nice to share my posts with you on my blog! 

Introduction. I’m Jamie and I make fused whimsical quilts for the wall. I am a third generation Californian. My studio is in an industrial park and is an organized mess. I love bright colors, but also like the combo of red, black and white. I am old school and hand draw my fabric designs for RJR Fabrics and StencilGirl. I believe there is room at the table for everyone. My way of making quilts is less about perfection and more about having fun. Designer for RJR Fabrics and StencilGirl. Ambassador for Mistyfuse and Havel’s Sewing.

Machine. Bernina 750QE from my Bernina Ambassador term. I bought my machine at the end of my contract. 

Studio. And a very clean design table. My dream studio. One giant room with a bathroom. Double doors in the front and a truck door in the back. 

Fast Finish. 14” square house quilt for women and children who are transitioning out of homelessness. The House Quilt Project. I work with Furnishing Hope. 

Notions. Havel’s scissors, rotary cutters, snips, mat and ruler and don’t forget the pinking shears. Mistyfuse and a Goddess Sheet. A Sharpie. My fav pin cushion from when I graduated from high school in 1971.

Scrappy Quilt.  Small Quilt made with Dupoini silk. Mistyfused and free motion machine quilted.

On the Cutting Mat. Sizzix die cuts using my Hopscotch line of fabric. Such a fun miniature collection!

Stacks. 5 yard cuts of Hopscotch and Sewing 101 just waiting to be cut and folded into bundles.

Finally Finished. Taking the Sizzix die cuts to make a house quilt. 14” square from the Heart of the Home project through The House Quilt Project. 

Thursday, March 01, 2018

My Favorite Things Giveaway

Who loves a give-away? Some of my favorite things! First up is a Sizzix bird made with my Fabric line ‘Hopscotch’ by RJR Fabrics. This is a blender line and they will keep making it for years! This line has 84 colors!


There are 11 hand drawn designs for a tone on tone look! This is a charm pack called ‘Candy Necklace’ and it’s a Missouri Star exclusive. It has 42 pieces of fabric in it. I wonder what you could make with this?

A custom Mistyfuse package of 20” x 1-1/2 yards that were made just for Hopscotch. So cool.

A pin made for my line as a give-away at the last Missouri Star Birthday Bash.

The wool blended felt that I use for my Zen Stitching pieces by National Nonwovens - a sample pack of bright colors!

My favorite snips from Havel’s Sewing. These are great because you can wear them around your neck for hand sewing! I love their scissors, rotary cutters and mats!

And who doesn’t love selvages? Last but not least, a baggie of selvages from Hopscotch. I will be doing three giveaways of my favorite things selected randomly from the comments. Prize day is March 9th. I will send my packages via USPS the following week. My question for you - what do you enjoy making in the world of quilting? Do you like following a pattern or doing something completely original? I look forward to reading your comments!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

This and That

When I am working on secret projects it hard to find things to blog about. Soon those things will be revealed, but for now this is what I can share. I have a nightly ritual of hand sewing wool felt to create 10-12 inch blocks. I love the slow stitch and it is quite relaxing. National Nonwovens has variety packs of wool blended felt which I use for these projects. This is also a class that I teach ‘Zen Stitching.’ 

You may ask what I do with all of the wool blocks? I am putting them together to create a wall quilt. They will need to be hand sewn to one large piece of black wool blended felt. I can’t wait to get started!

At the end of the year I had a custom doll made of me by Noodle and Lou (Etsy). She is about 10” tall and will hang on the wall in my studio. Isn’t she remarkable? 

A close up. She really captured me as an artist who draws and sews. See the Orange a Pink things, that is my Fabric from Sewing 101. Love the red sewing machine. Every detail is so thought out even down to my hazel eyes. And the Sharpie!

A little reference for Sewing 101 so you can see the button Fabric. She did some research!

I told her that I love polka dots. Here is my polka dot fabric stash, well one of them. 

I’ve been doing some collecting of fun old things. Look at this cool old black phone!

And then I found this old shiny iron from the 40’s and it’s name is ‘American Beauty.’ It has a transparent red Bakelite handle. It looks like the early version of my present iron in the background. Both are dry irons.

Back on the path of Pages from my Sketchbook. Chinese New Year and year of the Dog. The Patchwork dogs.

Friday, February 09, 2018

This week in the Studio

It has been such a great week in the studio. I’ve been putting things away from Craft Napa and getting myself organized for 2018

I’ve been doing some hand work which is so relaxing. This is made with wool felt and hand sewn.

Also gathering supplies for a block printing class that I am taking at QuiltCon. Will I see you there?

I am thinking about having a studio sale of books, an enormous amount of fabric from my collection and my Fabric lines, and Quilt samples that I’ve made for various companies over the years. 

I am working on a new line of stencils for StencilGirl which I am excited about. This is my rolling paint cart and my two Ikea carts with all of my supplies. This area has the best ventilation because it’s near the back where the truck door is.

Here is a tremendous Call for Entry that Leslie Tucker Jenison and I have been working on for almost two years with Quilts, inc. The Power of Women. Three different opportunities to enter your work for this one exhibit. This is for Fall Market/Festival and should be a pretty powerful exhibit. There is no entry fee, so we hope we get a huge amount of entries! Link is here 
Look for The Power of Women

I’ve been making patriotic house quilts for wounded service members with a masculine look.12x16 vertical format. If you want to make one, go to The House Quilt Project blog  . 

And sometimes it’s just good to play. I work on projects with no deadlines every Friday. These fabrics are from my newest line Sewing 101 and some from Hopscotch by RJR Fabrics. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Looking for Quilters to make House Quilts

I am looking for quilters who would like to make whimsical and colorful house quilts for women and children who are transitioning out of homelessness. The project is called ‘Heart of the Home.’

Each wall Quilt is 14 inches square 

There are aluminum pop tops hand sewn on the upper back for easy hanging and a label. If you are interested in making one or two, please go to the blog for the complete criteria for making house quilts. There are two on-going projects to choose from. Patriotic house quilts that are 12x16 vertical format for wounded service members and Heart of the Home.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Craft Napa was Super Fun

Back from Craft Napa and had a great time. The mixed media retreat takes place at the Embassy Suites in Napa. These are the cool signs that Pokey Bolton makes for our workshops. The lighting wasn’t too good for this shot

I had an almost full class. Every student made their own version of the faces quilt which I loved. These were all made with my Hopscotch line of Fabric by RJR. The fabrics were all ore-fused with Mistyfuse. All the students had to bring was a pair of scissors and a supply fee. It was great fun!

Some groupings so you can get a better idea. Friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, dogs and cats

I love the uniqueness of each one. They measure 18x18 square

This was a dream class, because everyone was eager to learn and then do their own thing. The background colors really pop the faces.

Monday, January 08, 2018

A Weekend of Drawing and Painting

This past weekend I decided to dedicate my Saturday to drawing and painting and less errrands. We did our usual grocery shopping trip, but just decided to lay low for the remainder of the weekend. 

I have enjoyed over the years drawing in sketchbooks, in old books, and shipping tags. I like the small format. These are drawn with a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point and no pencil first to challenge myself. I use Prang watercolor sets and they come with a pretty good brush. 

Prang has saturated colors their pans which I like for the tags. You don’t have to layer up the colors too much.

I can be as simple or complicated as I want in my drawings. I love to draw houses!

Some subjects are in my imagination. The middle one from Christmas 

Let’s throw caution to the wind and use a regular Sharpie. I love the boldness of the line

A weekend of drawing and painting! I hope I have inspired you to start drawing!

Monday, January 01, 2018

Stay Pawsitive at Craft Napa

Craft Napa begins on January 10th. Pokey Bolton is hosting a fundraiser to benefit Friends for Life Rescue. These will be sold at Craft Napa, where I will be teaching next week. The artwork measures 6x6 with an animal theme. This is what I have made so far and are still working on.

Funky birds with googily eyes. The bird is a die cut from Sizzix and is exclusive to Missouri Star. It’s their mascot. The crown and the flowers are also Sizzix die cuts.

Scotty dogs are also Sizzix dies. Patchwork dogs with googily eyes. These are made with my fabrics from Hopscotch by RJR Fabrics

And in process unicorns that are hand cut. I used the crowns from the birds to make their manes. Hopscotch fabrics. Hope to see you at Craft Napa! I hope I will have time to make more before I leave. Happy New Year!