Saturday, August 22, 2015

Flower Power and Teaching in NYC!

I have a couple projects in this year and I am dancing on the rooftops about it, because my work hasn't been in this particular magazine in a long time.  Here is the link
and it's all about these flowers!  Cut out on a Sizzix die cutting machine - The Big Shot for the Fabi.  I have a vast collection of flower dies.  I used Weeks Dye Works Wool and they came out beautifully.  Hand sewn with #8 perle cotton thread
Here's a nice stack of Weeks Dye Works Wool in solids and heringbone

This is the start of the small scarf that is featured in this issue as well.  I used Sizzix die cuts in hexagons and hand sewed them to another layer of wool by hand. You'll have to take a look at the issue to see how the flowers were incorporated
I got a little obsessed with making these flowers. I think they add alot to these felt stitchings.  This is a class that I teach called "Zen Stitching."  I am teaching it at the Quilt Alliance event in NYC in September for Quilters Take Manhattan.  This will be a very fun and relaxing 3-hour class!  I will have kits available to purchase. Here is the link

I am using #8 Perle cotton thread to hand sew

A variety of fabrics will be in the kit besides wool blended felt - some pre-fused sheers, commercial cottons and felt hexagons for some added fun!

These have been so relaxing to create.  I hope you will join me in NYC when I teach this class at City Quilter on Friday, September 25th

Monday, August 17, 2015

Rama Lama Ding Dong

Rama Lama Ding Dong - isn't it just happy?  I so enjoyed making this art quilt as the co-juror for Dinner at Eight Artists newest juried invitational - "Affinnity." The size was another story - 40x40 - way out of my comfort zone, but it is part of the challenge. The swirl or spiral is probably one of the most difficult shapes to cut out by hand.  Sizzix launched two new die cuts at Spring Market.  One fits the Fabi (Big Shot) with a 6" die and the large one works with the Big Shot Pro, around 12." This is made with layers of fabrics, all fused with Mistyfuse and free motion machine quilted.  This art quilt will be shown in a special exhibit "Affinity" at the International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston in October 2015

This smaller version is my sample quilt for the class that I am teaching at Festival in Houston.  It uses the same concept, two Sizzix machines and 3 dies.  #422 Thursday, October 29 - 9am to 5pm.  Students bring their own fabrics, I provide the Mistyfuse and felt for the foundation. Color and contrast, design, and free motion machine quilting. 18x24 size quilt.  This will be so much fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trying Something New

Rolling out the Mistyfuse on an Ikea paper roller, found in the children's section of the store.  It is meant for paper, but works great for the 12" bolt of Mistyfuse. 

Covering the hand-dyed fabric with Mistyfuse on top with a Fat Goddess Sheet, which is also made by Mistyfuse.  I will use a hot dry iron all over the top of this, bonding this Mistyfuse to the fabric.

This is how the Mistyfuse should look after being bonded with the fabric, shiny.

I cut the fabric a certain size, and if I could remember, I would tell you. But, really the size is insignificant in the big scheme of things.  Might be around 12x13

I backed it with a piece of pink felt

I was given this pen - Frixon.  You write with it on fabric, and then the ink disappears when you iron it.  I should give it a try.  Just imagine the detailed designs that you could get with free motion machine quilting, if this works.

So, I decided to draw a house, from my sketchbook.  It is quite similar to a house that I designed for StencilGirl, and I used some of the same design elements.  If you click on StencilGirl above, you can see the stencil.  I am thinking that this is pretty great to draw out my design. But, where will the pen residue go, when you iron it?

Free motion machine quilting on my Bernina 750 QE.  I have my Ambassador hat on today!  Check out the We All Sew site where the BA's have many cool tutorials, including me.

The house is done!  I cleaned my iron completely before I used is to erase the pen drawing.  Feeling a little apprehensive about this.

As I was ironing this, I found out where the pen residue goes.  My answer was on my fabric. So disappointed.
The residue is stuck to my quilt.  I don't wash my work, so if I had made a huge wall quilt, I would have been pretty devastated.  This is small and a test, and it is a failure. According the manufacturer, this pen was not intended for fabric, but for paper in the scrapbooking industry.

So, into the trash it goes!  Too bad, so sad.  This started an excellent discussion on Social Media, and Jenny K. Lyon did a great blog post about this pen.  Click here to view her blog.

This is the back on pink wool blended felt.  I think I will finished it and sell it as is - the back side.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Whimsical Inspirations - BLOG HOP

Whimsical Inspirations by Jamie Fingal.  A coloring and painting book for the artist inside everyone!  Self published. isbn 978-1-4951-6323-4

Welcome to the Coloring Book BLOG HOP!  Today is National Coloring Book Day!
What's it all about Alfie?
My book is completely hand drawn with a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point black pen, and some drawings took over 5 hours to create. 12 coloring pages printed on heavier paper, so you can use paints and markers. It was very important to me to have heavier paper. I love using markers and watercolors, and the paper had to be sturdy enough.  The paper was pre-texted before the book was printed.  Just to be sure you don't get the bleed through to the next page, put a separate piece of paper behind the page you are coloring, so if there is anything that goes through the paper, the next page will be protected.  Chip board back and coil binding, so the page you are coloring lays flat.

A variety of drawings await you with sewing and quilt inspired blocks, imaginary flowers, trailers, houses, dresses, and cups and saucers.  You can even color in the opening page for an added bonus.

Colored in with Caran D-ache Neocolor II Watersoluable pencils.  They blend together with a smudge from your fingers
detail 1

detail 2
This was colored with Sharpie Fine Point pens
This is what it looks like on the back.  You can see the color, but it didn't run onto the next page.  I did put a piece of paper behind this, to protect the next page, but there were no signs of bleeding through.
We will be giving away 2 coloring books to two separate people.  Just leave a comment on all of the blogs, and two random numbers will be chosen, to two lucky winners living in the U.S. only.  The Winners are Joy Hancock from Susan's blog and Vivian Helena from Desiree's blog! 

Sunday, August 2 - You're here 

Monday, August 3 - Lyric / Markers - Quilt Circles
Tuesday, August 4 - Leslie / Watercolors or Markers - Coffee Cups
Wednesday, August 5 - Desiree / Ink Tense Pencils - Trailers
Thursday, August 6 - Deborah / watercolors - Houses
Friday, August 7 - Susan / watercolors - Flowers on Page 3
Saturday, August 8 - Sue / colored pencils - Dresses

H A P P Y   C O L O R I N G
The 'buy' button is on my blog in the right hand column.  US Residents only. $19.95, plus S&H via USPS.  California residents pay tax. 

Quilting Daily has this bundle offer going starting 8/6/15
Click here for more details

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Quilt Show - Guest Appearance!

My show airs today on The Quilt Show!  So exciting!  Here is the promo trailer for a sneak peek

You can watch my segment free from July 27 - August 2, 2015.  Segment 1702. If you already have an account with The Quilt Show, you can watch it today!  See #5 on the lineup list

 “Watch The Show”

The opening where Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims and I are having a casual conversation.  See that lump on the table?  The orange thing?  It's the first quilt that I made, back in 1981. You have to watch the segment to see the quilt. 

Here's a slide show about my work and studio on The Quilt Show website
click here

My segment with Alex - all about fabric design and making small flags

Ricky Tims talking about my sketchbooks

Segment prep with everyone

This production is a fine oiled machine from start to finish.  I am so honored to have had this experience!  I loved working with everyone who is involved in this show.  Such a memorable part of my journey as an artist.  I hope you all love watching the show!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Those In-between Times

Even though it looks like nothing has changed, the studio has.  This is my view when I walk in the door in the morning, and the last thing I see when I turn off the lights, when I depart.  It is truly my inspiration.  I feel so blessed to have this dream studio.

The rocking chair from my childhood.  I was rocked in this chair as a wee child. The upper portion has been painted, and now we are waiting for time to paint the bottom.  Or maybe it should just stay white?  A mix of the old with the new.

The new design table sits in all of its glory, holding onto all of my projects and storage underneath

I thought it would be cool to see this typewriter from the looking down view.  I went sort of crazy taking these views, because I thought they looked interesting and I found it amusing.

a better view of the design table
Looking down into a cup of pens

The top of my red rolling cart by my design table.  Okay, you are probably wondering what that round cardboard thing is?  It's a bolt of zipper trim.

Gosh, this looks a mess and I don't even know what this is a picture of.  And there were many more like this to choose from, so I didn't include anymore of these!

The old scale belonged to my dad, and a button jar belonged to my mother.  My sister and I spread their ashes at sea last weekend.  Many of their favorite things have become my treasures and are in my studio.  I love that.
One of my beloved old paint palettes that I've had for a couple of decades, and maybe even more.  My daughter bought me two new shiny ones from NYC for Christmas last year.  Such a thoughtful gift.

The globe

I like this shot, through a metal vase and onto a watercolor palette
And this is my most recent work 'Rama Lama Ding Dong' for the Dinner at Eight Artists exhibit 'Affinity.'  It measures 40x40 and I am over the moon about it.  The exhibit of 40 quilts will be shown at International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston this fall.  Click here to visit the d@8 artists blog. This exhibit is co-curated by me and Leslie Tucker Jenison.