Monday, October 27, 2014

Quilt Market 2014

What a great ride this has been with my new fabric line being launched at Fall Quilt Market in Houston. Blogging from my iPad, which is a little different that home on my desktop. I just wanted you all to see some of the photos from my booth, which was inside the Hoffman Fabrics booth. I ask feeling rather blessed right now and almost giddy with delight over the fact that I am living out my dream of have another fabric line and sharing my art on a completely different scale. This has been so fun! I will post more photos soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Getting Closer to Quilt Market in Houston

Friendship Circles - made with Sizzix die cuts - 9-1/2 ring that makes the perfect rings.  Cut on a Big Shot Pro. This project uses the girl grid and the text from the 'Daisy' color way.  'Heart and Soul Sisters' by Hoffman Fabrics will be available in early 2015.  Ask your local quilting store to carry it. Two color ways - Rainbow (my palette) and Daisy

detail of the stitching

circles detail

The girls are getting ready to jump in the suitcase!  They are sitting on a sea of giant hexagons that were cut on a Sizzix Big Shot Pro.  I was going to make a table topper, but ended up not having enough time to get it done.

My scrap mess from the floor was about 10" tall, before it got swept into the trash

I had some 'custom' dies made by Sizzix to complete the vision that I have for my booth decor.  A paper doll, a pair of scissors and a grid of 2" squares - 6 each.  I made patterns for the clothes, and the heads from the girl grid fabric fit perfectly on the heads of the paper dolls.  I fused them onto wool blended felt TOY002 from National Nonwovens, and backed with the same.  I wanted them to be sturdy, and free motion machine quilting through 2 layers of felt, is better than one.

Then I cut them up with a pair of sharp scissors, after they were all free motion machine quilted.
The girl garland

The scissor garland

The scissors up close.  They are so fun.  I sewed a button on each one to add a bit of whimsy to the design

The big suitcase on the floor - getting packed up.  That little machine on the floor is my Sizzix Fabi for die cutting (it's a Big Shot).  I will have one of these in my booth at Market. 

The Mistyfuse bolts have been well used for this process. 

The design table doesn't look too bad, as I complete the last project, before I head out.  Hope to see you in Houston!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Preparing for Quilt Market

"Brave Girl" is 18" wide by 33" high.  The girls will be my free pattern through Hoffman Fabrics for this line of fabric!  So exciting!   Be patient, the piece just got finished, and instructions are done, it will be up on the site soon.

Detail of Brave Girl. 
This has been so fun to use the fabrics in a variety of ways.  Here are my girls, like paper dolls, because my whole theme for my booth is going to be this shape.  I can't wait for it all to come together.  I'm not ready yet, but by Monday, my vision is going to come to life.

"Bold Girl" is 18" wide by 33" high.  These two girls are heart and soul sisters, just like the name of the fabric line with Hoffman Fabrics.  I just love those swirls - they come in royal blue, yellow and purple and the design was hand drawn - it has little stitches in it.

'Dream Big' is 19-1/2 x 23-1/2 - Dream big to achieve what you want in life to be all that you can be - olympian, artist, senator, activist, vet, dentist, doctor, inventor, engineer, just to name a few!  Girl Power and Empowerment!

"Circle Play" is 26-1/2" square.  This quilt uses the funky squares from each color way and a black and white stripe by Hoffman Fabrics.  I love the flow of this piece and the illusion that the thin strips of stripes creates.  The circles floating in and out of the squares.  A nine patch gone wild, for sure. The ultimate, to be able to create some cute, fun and totally abstract quilts from the same line!

Friendship Circles made with Sizzix 9-1/2 round dies for the Big Shot Pro machine.  This quilt is far from done, but I will post it when it's finished.  I love this one so much.

Girl mix up.  I cut the squares apart and put the girls back together another way.  Not sure that this one will make it to market, but it was fun to play around with it.

Playing around with circles, dies from Sizzix.  This might happen in the 11th hour, but not right now.  I do love the illusion that these circles could create, if the right fabrics were used.  I just need more time to explore, which I am sure will be after Market and Festival.

My BERNINA 750QE has been quilting up a storm!

Here is how the friendship circle quilt is shaping up.  It's on my design table.  My entire design table has a Holy Cow Goddess Sheet on it.  I have another one to Mistyfuse one yard cuts of fabric, in one fell swoop.  It has become one of my most favorite tools in the studio.

The holding area for things going to Quilt Market.  Several pieces on the design wall.
Some of my friends have been helping me too, so my next post will be all about those pieces, which are truly amazing works of art, like the aprons on the wall. Onward we go!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Work in Progress

Here are my girls - the heart and soul sisters.  The great part about this, is that they are drawn in two inch squares, three down.  So, they can be interchanged with clothes and shoes.  I think this is rather to fun to play with.

another way, and in the 'Daisy' color way.  No affiliation with Girl Scouts (this line), but Daisy in Girl Scouts, the nick name of founder, Juliette Low - this month marks the anniversary of the beginning of 'Daisy' scouts in 1984, which meant that you could start in Girl Scouts in kindergarten. 

and yet another way.  I am having alot of fun experimenting with this line of fabric.

I truly love this, because my artwork, pen to paper, really comes through in this small art quilt.  Still in progress, up on the design wall, waiting for more inspiration on how to finish it.  It is Mistyfused to the blue spiral in the 'Rainbow' color way!

My own version of deconstructed nine-patches.  Using both color ways in the funky blocks and black and white stripes by Hoffman Fabrics.

I would consider this a 'what if' moment.  'Daisy' color way

'Rainbow' color way

My design table.  I am certainly not as messy as I was last year in preparing for Quilt Market

Circles within circles - Sizzix Die.  Still playing with this idea.  Needs more tweaking!  Stay tuned....more to come!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Shoe Talk

I bought this great pair of men's boots at Forever 21.  I roughed them up a bit with sandpaper to prepare them for decoupage.  I used Liquitex Matte Medium to paint the surface of the boot, then add the text in small sections.  I will wear these boots and display them in my booth at Quilt Market to show off my new line!

This was just so fun using the "rainbow" color way of my new line of fabric "Heart and Soul Sisters" by Hoffman Fabrics

I have this pair of Allegria's that I don't often wear, so I set them aside for the decoupage process.

I painted the outside the shoe with Liquitex Gesso

Just like the boots, I brushed on the matte medium and small piece of fabric to create these shoes.  I used the "Daisy" color way from my new line.  I love the colors - pink, orange, and lime green!

Boots and shoes displayed on my 'Happy Dance' art quilt

side of boot with a clear message

other side 'be true to yourself'

So I don't forget who I am

another view

Remember who you are

The shoes, finished!  These are also going to Quilt Market with me!  They have about 5-6 coats of Liquitex Gloss Medium over the top to make them really shiny. Beautiful, but not waterproof.

Da Boots.  BTW, I will be teaching a Shoe Talk class at Art & Soul in Portland next year!

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