Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Off to Quilt Market

I am off to Quilt Market this morning!  I am so excited to see everything and introduce my new line with RJR Fabrics!  hopscotch My Schoolhouse is on Thursday at 11:35 am in Room 260
My entire line so beautifully displayed. Photo by Holly DeGroot. 84 pieces. A blender line.
Charm Pack Pattern that will be given out at my schoolhouse. Two different charm packs!
The first 100 people get this custom package of Mistyfuse with their charm pack
hop skip jump - one of the last pieces that I made with my line. It is full of joyful color! Onward and upward we go!  hopscotch by RJR Fabrics!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Watercolor Pans - a Test!

I have been toying with the idea to teach drawing and painting classes in my studio. I know what pens to use, and the paper, but the thought of watercolors crossed my mind as a larger project. What is the best set for the price? or should we go for pure quality?  Of course, I would want stellar paints to bring color to a drawing. But, buying watercolor paint in tubes is a huge expense. 

CraZart Watercolor Set with 16 colors $2.99 at Staples. Such a deal for the price. I wonder if they have a price break for multiples? I sprayed the paint with water to get it ready for my paint test. I didn't use the brush provided, because I am a brush snob, plain and simple. I felt like it was hard to get the color on my brush, because it didn't want to go. But, the consistency of the colors were great, an even pooling of color. Gets a star for that one. A few colors were pretty bright like Aqua and Purple, which frankly didn't make up for the poor showing of the rest of the colors, like Orange and Red.

Crayola watercolors are the least expensive and I can't remember the price on this one. I felt the colors were very fluid, but yuck the consistency of them was terrible as you can see every brush stroke.

Angora Watercolors retail for about $20 online. This is by far my most favorite pan set of watercolors. 36 colors. Love the choices. The colors are bright and consistent. You can easily layer them without upsetting the first layer. I liked how these pooled when there was too much water. This one for the win! Except for the price. Maybe two people can share a pan of paints? Maybe an online source has a good deal if you order more than 5? I would rather teach my students to use quality materials, like this set, if they cannot afford to buy the tubes of paint. Better to learn to use quality in the beginning. So there you have it.

The paper towel from my experiment. I keep these in a nice pile in my studio. Someday I am going to fuse them with Mistyfuse and make a quilt out of them! A girl can dream.
Hand drawn with a Sharpie Extra Fine Point Pen and painted with watercolors from my palette (from tubes). I was having a 'Calgon' moment and wanted to sail away from the stress of life.

Hand drawn and painted with the Angora watercolor set. Ordinary Objects.
Counting down the days until Quilt Market in St. Louis, Missouri where my first line with RJR Fabrics will be introduced!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Two Cats and a Bird

Using my new fabric line 'hopscotch' by RJR Fabrics, I am creating a wall quilt 24x24 of two friends. This is a 'first' for me in making faces in cloth with women who don't have bangs. Learning curve was a little steep. This is the second version of her hair

She likes birds. So, I am auditioning where I am going to place that bird. Her favorite color is pink, so she has the pinkiest color in the palette from hopscotch

Another without bangs, and I am loving her hair. Her fav color is teal, and this is from the 'first flowers' design.

I am asking myself whether or not I need to highlight her arms, and if the cats need to have an anchor
Bird on her glasses. A suggestion from a friend, who i often consult when I am in a dilemma.
I've also never made a cat for a quilt.

A whole lot of fussy cutting going on here with my Havel's Scissors!

Here they are all sewn up!  These two amazing women are both artists and work together.

Look at the cats eyes. They are from the 'intertwining puddles' design.

Free motion machine quilted close up

Also free motion machine quilted
The bird was a little tricky to quilt, because my needle was going through more than 6 layers of fabric with the middle and the backing.

Monday, April 24, 2017

hop, skip, jump blog hop!

Welcome to the hop, skip, jump blog hop to introduce my newest line with RJR Fabrics! I asked my friends to make 18x18 squares to show off my fabric line in their own style.  if you are on Instagram, please follow RJR Fabrics for a hopscotch takeover on these dates.
hop, skip, jump blog hop
4-24 Jamie Fingal
4-25 Cindy Cooksey
4-26 Sue Bleiweiss
4-27 Lyric Kinard
4-28 Susan Brubaker Knapp
5-1 Leslie Tucker Jenison
5-2 Deborah Boschert
5-3 Libby Williamson

RJR Fabrics 'hopscotch' which will debut at Spring Quilt Market (so excited). It is a playful tone on tone super blender line of fabrics based on a collection of 11 hand drawn designs from my sketchbooks. dots, geometrics, flowers and loop-de-loops. hop, skip and jump over to the playground.
black and white. Crosshatch My Way in black top is the closed thing to black in my collection

grays, and cloud is the closest thing to white in my collection

creams and browns. there are some fun color names in this group - vanilla bean, latte, biscotti, coffee and espresso
the red group - Intertwining Puddles in tomato is one of my favs!

Purple makes the world go 'round. Look at those Rose Petals in gypsy!

Oranges and Peach - love the Square Dance in orange peel and the Overlapping Squares in marmalade - kinda reminds me of jam

Greens - so many to choose from. Love the Deconstructed Dandelions and the Loop-de-loops!

Aqua and Teal group make a nice color range

The Blue Group - would make a stunning sky

They call me mellow yellow
Pretty in Pink, etc.

Peace, Love, Dove.  Made with Mistyfused fabrics, and hand cut with a pair of scissors in my own portrait style on wool blended felt (no batting or binding). Free motion machine quilted. I love the colors, patterns and of course, the subject matter (friends forever)! Do what you love, and love what you do.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

hopscotch - sneak peek

hopscotch, my new blender line with RJR hits on all of the colors of the rainbow and more! I am so excited about this line. All of the designs are hand drawn, and are tone on tone - 83 in all.

I have cut out on my Sizzix Big Shot some fan blades to use on a future project

This is the first thing I made. A mattress pad made from nothing but selvages. A quilt made with hexagons. The hexagon doll quilt shows off all of the colors and designs. You can click on it to see it larger. These are all Mistyfused, so there are no seams of any kind. A sweet and colorful doll bed.

I have taught this class for years. The Folding House Book. It's two-sided. It was so fun to create this project with my own fabric line!

The other side.
Again, using my Sizzix machine - this time the Big Shot Pro, I made 4" high letters in lower case for a sign in my booth at Quilt Market. I am so thrilled with this line. From sketch to fabric - so exciting!  Stay tuned. There will be a blog hop starting on Monday, April 24 so you can see all of the things that you can do with this line. It will hit stores in August 2017. Woot!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Work to Purchase

People are always asking me if I sell my work. Yes!  And here's is an opportunity for you, my readers.  These are all one foot squares for $100 each, and it includes shipping via US mail. I will invoice you through PayPal. There are aluminum pop tops sewn on the back for easy hanging.  Please email if you are interested in a certain piece. first come, first serve (opportunity ends on Friday, April 21 Heart and Soul. Made with batiks and lettering from my first line 'Home is Where Your Story Begins, ' which is sold out

Love and Hope. Made with batik fabrics and lettering from my first line.

Healing. Made with batiks and lettering from my first line

Autumn is for Birds. From my 3rd line at Hoffman Fabrics.

Red House. House image from one of my stencils for StencilGirl Products with a variety of batiks. Background fabric swirls from my "Heart & Soul Sisters" line with Hoffman Fabrics

Birds of a Feather. From my 3rd line 'Autumn is for Birds'  and text fabric from "Home is Where Your Story Begins" with Hoffman Fabics

Welcome Home. My own stencil scrumbled fabrics, alphabet and the house - all from StencilGirl Products