Friday, June 16, 2017

The House Quilt Project

I believe in giving back, so I created The House Quilt Project and teamed up with Furnishing Hope. The furnish homes and apartments.  I am looking for quilters to make house quilts for The House Quilt Project. I have two different projects at this time. 1) Heart of the Home, which is above. For women and children that are transitioning out of homelessness. These quilts are bright, fun and geared for women. 14x14 square. Please visit THQP blog by clicking on this link

My second project "Patriotic House Quilts" is for wounded service members, covering all branches of the armed services.  This wall quilt is 12x16 vertical format and must have a house and an American flag on it. These need to be in masculine colors and themes. The scoop is on THQP blog - see the upper tabs. Link is above.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Little Sidebar in Life

Sidebar: we are having our pool and surrounding hardscape redone. That hose going into the pool is sucking out the water. I go in the pool everyday and I am really going to miss that part of my night while this is going on.

It took days to get this done

They call this the 'big top' - it covers the entire opening of the pool. It's time to chip out the old plaster. It's loud and messy, even with the cover

It really looks like a circus tent here

A pool guy came over with a can of orange spray paint to mark the troubled spots

It's kinda amazing to see the pool looking like this

The hot tub, which I am missing every night of the week for my bones and muscles

My man standing in the deep end. It's really deep.
breaking down the steps...more messy work with alot of white dust

building new improved steps in the pool - 2 sets and 2 benches

Yay, finally the tile has been set on the steps and benches!

All of the tile around the edges has been done. We are waiting for the inspector to make an appearance and then it is full steam ahead for plaster and water.  Now back to quilting!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Painting for Fun

Every once in a while I feel it's important for me to work outside my medium of making quilts. I am in the midst of taking an online class with Alisa Burke. Painters Bliss. This class teaches, inspires and encourages us to be loose, and begin with no plans.  This is my beginning.

I am painting on a wood board, and I have to say that this was alot of fun, like letting the paint drip.

I enjoyed painting layers of colors in thickness and in transparency

I loved the look of dripping yellow paint

And here is my finished piece. I used stencils by StencilGirl Products to give some texture to the piece. I am happy with the results. I am about 2 weeks behind in classes, but I hope to catch up next week. One thing about her classes is that you can access the site forever, so I can do this with my availability of time.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

My Favorite So Far - 100 Day Project

A selection of favorites from the 100 Day Project, and not in any order. If you follow me on Instagram, I post one a day. Hand drawn without using a pencil is my personal challenge for this project. My iron 'Bess' sitting on my design table in my studio.

#10 - the scissor house. A pair of scissors is hard to draw without using a pencil first.

Tomato Pin Cushion House #15 from my imagination

#18 clothing patterns. I used to make my own clothes, and I see myself going back to that soon

#21 the sweetest pin cushion ever!

#27 an awkward stack of bowls

#30 a cozy chair and rug from my imagination

#32 It is much easier to draw a Starbucks cup that to draw on one. This would be my choice for artwork on the cup. Love coffee!

#36 a more realistic drawing of my iron 'Bess.'

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Spring Quilt Market

The Quilt Market Program has a picture of Vanessa Stevens (RJR) and me on the cover!  The middle photo from Fall Quilt Market. A great way to start off the show! This show was in St. Louis. My first trip to this city!
The amazing artwork on the front wall of the RJR booth. Flowers made with fabrics that were introduced at Spring Quilt Market. The big orange one is from my line 'hopscotch'
Leslie Tucker Jenison and I always begin our adventures with a glass of red wine and dinner. Our first night we dined at Farmhaus, and enjoyed a tasting menu

Inside the RJR Fabrics catalog!  My first line with RJR!  So happy to be here!

My booth and everything was made by me in my own style. I felt it was important for people to see my vision from my hand drawn designs and what I could create with my line. This is totally me!  I had so much fun!  84 sku's in a rainbow of colors!  They ship to stores in August!

Stacks of hopscotch fat quarter bundles in RJR's pop up store

Mistyfuse Iris created a custom package of Mistyfuse for my Charm Pack pattern. 20" by 1.5 yards. I am pleased as punch over this!

The shelves with my coloring books (available in the side bar) folding houses, decoupaged shoes and playful objects

Leslie and me in the booth. She is also an RJR Designer, and her first line was introduced at Fall Market in 2016. Her second line will debut in Fall of this year!

I had so much fun making this wall quilt. The signature quilt for my line 'hopscotch'

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Off to Quilt Market

I am off to Quilt Market this morning!  I am so excited to see everything and introduce my new line with RJR Fabrics!  hopscotch My Schoolhouse is on Thursday at 11:35 am in Room 260
My entire line so beautifully displayed. Photo by Holly DeGroot. 84 pieces. A blender line.
Charm Pack Pattern that will be given out at my schoolhouse. Two different charm packs!
The first 100 people get this custom package of Mistyfuse with their charm pack
hop skip jump - one of the last pieces that I made with my line. It is full of joyful color! Onward and upward we go!  hopscotch by RJR Fabrics!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Watercolor Pans - a Test!

I have been toying with the idea to teach drawing and painting classes in my studio. I know what pens to use, and the paper, but the thought of watercolors crossed my mind as a larger project. What is the best set for the price? or should we go for pure quality?  Of course, I would want stellar paints to bring color to a drawing. But, buying watercolor paint in tubes is a huge expense. 

CraZart Watercolor Set with 16 colors $2.99 at Staples. Such a deal for the price. I wonder if they have a price break for multiples? I sprayed the paint with water to get it ready for my paint test. I didn't use the brush provided, because I am a brush snob, plain and simple. I felt like it was hard to get the color on my brush, because it didn't want to go. But, the consistency of the colors were great, an even pooling of color. Gets a star for that one. A few colors were pretty bright like Aqua and Purple, which frankly didn't make up for the poor showing of the rest of the colors, like Orange and Red.

Crayola watercolors are the least expensive and I can't remember the price on this one. I felt the colors were very fluid, but yuck the consistency of them was terrible as you can see every brush stroke.

Angora Watercolors retail for about $20 online. This is by far my most favorite pan set of watercolors. 36 colors. Love the choices. The colors are bright and consistent. You can easily layer them without upsetting the first layer. I liked how these pooled when there was too much water. This one for the win! Except for the price. Maybe two people can share a pan of paints? Maybe an online source has a good deal if you order more than 5? I would rather teach my students to use quality materials, like this set, if they cannot afford to buy the tubes of paint. Better to learn to use quality in the beginning. So there you have it.

The paper towel from my experiment. I keep these in a nice pile in my studio. Someday I am going to fuse them with Mistyfuse and make a quilt out of them! A girl can dream.
Hand drawn with a Sharpie Extra Fine Point Pen and painted with watercolors from my palette (from tubes). I was having a 'Calgon' moment and wanted to sail away from the stress of life.

Hand drawn and painted with the Angora watercolor set. Ordinary Objects.
Counting down the days until Quilt Market in St. Louis, Missouri where my first line with RJR Fabrics will be introduced!