Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weekend Away

We traveled to Many, Louisiana over the weekend for a wedding.  Our first time to this state. This is a small town about 4 hours from New Orleans.  Isn't this amazing?  Hand painted by shilohstardust in IG.  This tree invited you into the festivities at The Lake House.

Loved this yellow house on their property.  It overlooks the river

There were two tents near the shore, one round and this one.  All decked out inside.  Tents by Shelter Co. Link is here

The lake a great animal floats  Loved the unicorn one! This was just the beginning of a magical weekend

The beautiful lake view

Simply elegant vases and flowers graced all of the tables

Me and the man!

Sunset reminding me so much of my Dad, for the wedding date was his birthday.  He would have been 90 on that day. Happy birthday in heaven Dad. He loved to take pictures of sunsets. This one was a beauty!

Painted stairs - so creative and fun
Grilled oysters on the half shell.  So impressive and delicious!  Their food all weekend was amazing!  Caterer was Maisonlacatering on IG and their website is here

Night and the beautiful candles shining through.  This was a magical weekend.  You could feel the love from friends and family for this couple. They had burning love for each other. Gotta love that.

Birdhouse on the lake

Reflection through a round window
Pages from my Sketchbook. Flying, ironing, preparation for the elements and the yellow house and below is a recap of the weekend wedding!  Love at the Lake House

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Power of Color!

Update on the kitchen redo.  Custom wall paint from Dunn Edwards.  My favorite blue, which looks kinda dark here!

More light comes into the kitchen the blue gets better

The pantry, which I can't wait to fill up

Got dressed in black and white for the day the floor was put in

Floor is DalTile 12" inch porcelain squares in matte white, matte black and every other black tile is gloss

Grouting the floor.  It looked really cool watching this part of the finishing of the floor!
If you click on this photo, you can see some of the glossy tiles

The is the company that we are working with for our kitchen remodel.  I would recommend them 100% and ask for Greg Leef - he is the best!

Pretty exciting when the cabinets were installed!

The upper cabinets will have glass in them

We didn't replace the upper right cabinets, because they blocked the view to our family room. Now we have a clear view into that room, which is great for entertaining!

The white hole is for the double ovens with a drawer on the bottom and a huge cabinet up top
and the oven is installed.  The pantry door on the right

Sample door casing and baseboards.  This and two doors are off being painted.  Next installment will be the counter tops and appliances.  Can't wait to cook!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Pages from My Sketchbook

I have to admit, I am stuck at home with the kitchen remodel answering questions, accepting shipments and working with the contractors.  I am missing my studio very much and the opportunity to play with fabrics, my Sizzix machine and Mistyfusing.  I know I will get back there very soon, but in the meantime, I have my sketchbook and drawing is ever so soothing to me. Please do not copy my drawings.  All rights reserved.
The Ikea mouse re-dress. I have a bunch of stuffed mice from Ikea.  I have dressed some in fabrics, and one lives in the Mistyfuse booth - Heavy Metal Mouse.   I think this drawing would translate well into a quilt (via Sue Bleiweiss' suggestion), and that may happen.  I loved dressing the mice



Favorite things

Heavy metal alphabet A-P

Heavy Metal alphabet Q-Z and some other fun drawings

Beach houses

I am always testing myself in my sketchbooks not to use pencil.  This is one of those drawings.  Pilot Razor Point pen in black.  It's not perfect, because it was a straight on drawing project with pen, no pencil.

Abstrations.  Looking at objects and making them into something else.  These were done at a medical lab waiting to have my blood drawn for a physical.  More drawings to come.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Kitchen Redo 2016

I admit that I haven't been spending very much time in my studio, since we started the remodel of our kitchen.  Got a bunch of deadlines done, so I could spend most of my time here for the beginning of the project.  Here it is on the first demo day.

And other angle so you can see the upper cabinets.  The uppers on the right side are leaving and never coming back

The pantry and door will be completely reconfigured

Ovens, frig and stove have always been really cramped and only one person at a time can cook by the stove. Super frustrating.

Funny thing, the sink was not centered under the window. New design will have it in the right place

Let the demo begin!

Frig out, and upper cabinet doors.  This wasn't a smash and throw, like you see on HGTV, but a more meticulous demo

The creepy look from the family room with the plastic sheeting to shield us from hoards of dust

My temporary kitchen.  Toaster, coffee maker, kettle, George Foreman Grill.  Not enough counter space, just like our kitchen

another view inside the kitchen with the cabinets out

Cabinets, ovens, frig and stove all out
The gut

Narrowing down my paint colors.  Still undecided at this point.

Pantry framed out.  Stay tuned for more progress. Going to sneak in some time at my studio today.