Sunday, May 24, 2015

A New Fabric, Design Idea, and a Zing!

This is a new Hoffman fabric that is being introduced at Spring Market 2015.  It's called Watercolor Palette and it depicts their 1895 Bali Hand Dyes Collection.  I have had it hanging in my studio for weeks, before I cut into it.  I was waiting for it to speak to me.

Isn't this cool?  A rainbow of gorgeous colors with the names underneath the swatch

Here's my favorite section, the vibrant colors

This is a one yard cut, so I am using a 35" Mistyfuse bolt, and rolled it out onto the wrong side of the fabric

I used a Holy Cow Goddess Sheet (made by Mistyfuse) over the top.  This sheet seals the deal.  It keeps my iron free from fusible web.  It covers an entire yard of fabric on my design table.  Using a dry iron on the cotton setting, I run the iron over the entire piece, carefully pressing the edges too, in a circular motion.  Let it cool before removing the Goddess Sheet.  If the fusible pulls up, put the sheet back down and press it more to get a good fuse.

This is the look that you want...shiny!
I love this fabric!  I think that the person who thought of this is absolutely brilliant!

My idea was to make a stacking house village out of the swatches

Cutting, cutting and cutting!

First tower. 

The village.  Not sure it has what I want.  Put a bird on it.  Hmmm.  Then I ask myself 'what if?'
I cut all of the fabric houses up using a new Sizzix die (launching at Spring Market 2015) - a spiral and it fits in a Big Shot or Fabi machine.  Cut it up, all of it.

detail.  This has zing!  So happy with the results!
And now I can show you this quilt, which is made with 2 sizes of spirals.  I am teaching this class at Festival in Houston in the Fall.  I am pretty excited about it.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

SkyFall for Spring Quilt Market

I saw this in production at Hoffman Fabrics, so when it came in, I wanted some.  It is a digital print. The back is white.  Screen printed fabrics, the color goes all the way through to the back.  Digital stays on the surface.  It spoke to me on so many levels.  The bright colors, patterns and textures.  I wanted to cut it up.
Fusing 101.  One large piece of fabric.  Press it first to get out all of the wrinkles. I used a little water spray bottle to help press down the creases.

Mistyfuse bolts.  The one on the left is 35 inches, the next one is 18 inches.  The big one is perfect for fusing yardage.  This is when I realized that I didn't have quite a yard of fabric.  The bolt that I use the most is the 12 inch one.  The perfect size for mostly everything.  Mistyfuse also comes in 10-yard packs in white and black.  My face is on the white package, and Yvonne Porcella graces the package of black.

I used the 18 inch bolt, and laid it out in two sections, carefully.  Nothing falling over the edges.  I have a huge Holy Cow Goddess Sheet on my design table to protect it from any stray fusible web.

My dry iron is set on 5, which is the setting for cotton

A second Holy Cow Goddess Sheet over the top, that covers it completely.  Goddess Sheets are also made by Mistyfuse.  Nothing sticks to it.  It is the perfect partnership for Mistyfusers

Pressed it into place with my hot iron, in circles, carefully to secure all of the edges.  Wait for it to cool, before pulling off the Goddess Sheet.  If any of the Mistyfuse comes up, pull the Goddess Sheet down and give it more heat.

This is what the fabric should look like - slick and shiny - then you know you have a good bond
Sizzix dies #659146 2" sides (the larger one) and #653317 1" sides (smaller one).  I used a Sizzix Fabi die cutting machine.  It is totally portable and lightweight.  It is the same as a Big Shot.  There is a link to Sizzix in the right column.  I lined the hexagons up on the edge of the Goddess Sheet to keep them straight.  Each hexagon overlaps ever so slightly onto the next one.

It's coming together

Getting larger

I was having a super a-ha moment in my studio in looking at this.  Imagine that it is only 2 fabrics!

I am trying to decide how to finish it.  Straight lines on the sides and wonky on the top and bottom?

I decided to throw caution to the wind and just keep it like this!  Backed it with another piece of black wool blended felt, and cut it pretty close to the fabric on the edges
Skyfall  2015  23" wide by 28.5" high

Detail so you can see the free motion machine quilting!  So thrilled! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thermofax 101 by Lyric Kinard - DVD Review

Welcome to the Thermofax 101 Blog Hop and Give Away.  Here is a link to buy the DVD
Learn how easy it is to create your own screen printed cloth! Thermofax Screen Printing is easy, fun, and well within your reach. Let fun-loving artist, Lyric Kinard, guide you through the basics of what, exactly, a thermofax screen is, and how it’s made. Then she helps you begin your own creative journey as she shows you how to find and design your own imagery and send it off to have a custom screen made for you. Learn all about the basic supplies you will need and then get printing! Lyric will explain the properties of textile paints, how to prepare, care for, and use your screens, and finally how to design and create your own beautiful cloth.

65 minutes of thorough instruction

Getting Started: what is a thermofax screen
Finding Images: find and design your own
How to Print: printing techniques and tools
Designing: creating cloth with layered imagery

April 24 Cheryl Rezendez
April 25  Leslie Tucker Jenison  
April 28  Sue Bleiweiss
May 1 Susan Price and Elizabeth Gibson
May 2  Judy Coates Perez
May 4  Linda Stokes
May 6  Jane Davila
May 6 Melanie Testa
May 8  Carol Sloan
May 11  Susan Brubaker Knapp
May 12  Desiree Habicht
May 14  Deborah Boschert
May 15  Sarah Ann Smith

Okay, this is totally new for me, because I have never used a Thermofax machine, or let alone seen one.  What I liked about Lyric's DVD is that she shows you what this machine looks like and the history of it.  And I've never used a screen to create marks on fabric.  I am a newbie!  I loved learning something new, that I was curious about.  This is the image that I sent Lyric, because a few years ago when I posted this photo on Facebook/Instagram, my friend Cate Prato commented that it would make a good Thermofax screen.   So here we are!

Lyric's DVD begins with some great music, which I enjoyed!  Here is the photo copy image from which the Thermofax screen is made from.  Pretty cool.  Lyric is really good about talking in front of the camera, a natural.  She tells and shows you what it is all about step by step. Then there are words on the screen with hints to help you out.  I took notes, because I am like a fish out of water.

My screen came with a frame.  You use duct tape to secure it tightly in place on both sides.  Silly me, I had only black and white checkered duct tape.  Okay, this has to cure overnight before you can use it.  I had to go back and read my notes.  I am just not that patient, but I followed her directions because I wanted to do it right the first time.  And can you imagine taking that duct tape off if there was some sort of crease in the screen after you put it all on?  Lyric shows some easy ways to put the tape on. 

Here is my canvas drop cloth on a table with a little felt underneath to give it cush, also covered in the DVD.

The fabric that I am using if part of the 1895 Hoffman Bali Hand Dyed Collection.  I love the vibrant colors.  I am also going to use Jacquard Textile paint.  Lyric clearly explains all kinds of paint that you can use.  There are certainly others that I would like to try, but this is what I have on hand.

You use a plastic scrapper to move the paint over the screen.  Lyric talks about all of the scrappers that are available and her favorites.  I used a tool that I have used in making books, that smooths down a fold.  It was the perfect width for the screen.  This is my first run through.  I think it is pretty cool.

Here is another one, and I clearly got too much paint at the top in globs. Listening to Lyric talk about this technique and all of the amazing ways that you can use it, got the wheels in my brain working with the 'what if?' scenario.  This is a good sign.  I want to learn more, and she came through with all kinds of ideas, design tips, using more than one color, unity and personally I think that is the greatest feature of the DVD.  Learning about color and design along with a great new technique.

This is printed directly on the canvas, and it might be my favorite.

Throwing caution to the wind here with doing many prints with more paint.  Gloppy in some parts, but I could use it for something later.

This print was done directly on my concrete floor in my studio.  I was here. I washed my screen, so I can use it again.  Thanks Lyric for making such an amazing DVD, that I could even do!  It was fabulous and I highly recommend this to anyone who loves paint, or needs to get to know paint - it is very fun! The possibilities are endless to what you can do with this technique in your own work.  Click on the link at the start of this blog post to buy one for yourself.  Congratulations Jennifer Scatlebury Vienneau - you are the winner!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Colorful Fabric Collage book by Sue Bleiweiss Blog Hop

Welcome to the Colorful Fabric Collage Blog Hop to promote my good friend Sue Bleiweiss and her newest book!  This photo is of the items in the giveaway!  So exciting.  Comments on all blogs count.The book will be shipped from Interweave, but if you are international, you will get an electronic eBook, instead of the actual book. The winner will be announced on May 15th.

May 4: Sue Bleiweiss:
May 5: Leslie Tucker Jenison:
May 6: Terri Stegmiller :
May 7: Deborah Boschert :
May 8: Desiree Habicht :
May 10: Barb Forrister :
May 12: Lyric Kinard :

I am pretty happy and honored to have an art quilt in Sue's new book!
Sue's book is great!  Many easy-to-follow projects that would delight any sewist, maker or quilter. Great tips and techniques, including fabric dyeing and basic techniques to fusing, stitching and embellishing.  A great many fun and easy to follow projects.  The artist spotlight sections (where my page is) has a statement written in their own words about their work and how their particular quilt was made.  I love it when a book gives you more than one voice.  A must have book for your library.  It also has a great 'resource' section

12x12 Love What You Do, with my classic trailer and bunting flags. My fabric line "Home is Where Your Story Begins" by Hoffman Fabrics. All of the fabrics were pre-fused with Mistyfuse, and then collaged together to create this piece.

Here is the back, so you can see the free motion machine quilting.  My quilts are all made the same way.  Black wool blended felt for the foundation, and backed with a fun color of wool blended felt.  National Nonwovens TOY002.  No batting, no binding.
If you've been following my blog, you know that I am a big fan of Mistyfuse.  It is my 'go to' fusible, because it doesn't change the hand of the cloth, and you can sew through it beautifully by machine or by hand.  This is what a 10-yard pack looks like.

Monday, April 27, 2015


I had a hard time deciding what to make for the Quilt Alliance contest this year.  The theme is "Animals We Love."  Then I decided to do something with a little humor.  I cut out a piece of wool blended felt - National Nonwovens TOY002, for the backing 16x16.  It's a nice do-able size.

A couple of years ago, I made a flip book of imaginary animals, and I really liked this lime green dinosaur.  So I enlarged it and made a pattern with just line paper and scotch tape

Then I selected the fabrics that I wanted to use and they had been pre-fused with Mistyfuse, which made it pretty easy.  I put the right sides together, to create a mirror image.  These are from my Heart and Soul Sisters line with Hoffman Fabrics.  You can find them at Hancock's of Paducah and

mirror image

The background is from the same line.  These fabrics are all the same print, but in different colors.  I love the movement it creates.
Close up
And I love the fact that this line has words.  Words for the girls - Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Strong, Be True to Yourself, Remember Who You Are, Be Authentic, Dream Big.  The pink wool blended felt was placed on the back as the backing.  It becomes my substitute for binding too. So, there's no batting, no binding and no fabric on the back, just wool blended felt.  Easy to fuse, easy to sew through, even by hand.

Free motion machine quilting from the back.  This was so fun to create!

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