Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Book Review and Giveaway

A while back, I was asked by author, Linda Seward to put on of my quilts in her upcoming book, a piece with metal on it.  She had wanted a particular piece, that I don't own anymore, but feel that it is one of the most important and meaningful pieces that I've ever made.  Of course, I was delighted and honored to be asked!  This book is amazing from cover-to cover, and I believe, will become the 'go to' book for art quilting!

Everything you wanted to know about making art quilts, but were afraid to try!  It's all here and illustrated in easy-to-follow instructions.  And there is eye candy too.

This is a chapter header - so clever.  I love the words running together, kinda like a quilt and the fabric and thread.

Some of the eye candy.  Linda did an amazing job writing this book!  You are going to want to own this book!

The back of the book.  It has alot of fabulous color!
Here is my page "Heavy Metal" from 2006, which literally launched this series that I worked on for years.  It has been in a SAQA Juried show, a couple of gallery shows, in magazines, in my own book "Embellished Mini Quilts," and represented a personal journey for me as a fiber artist.  Happy to have it in this book, and in the section all about 'metal.'

Here is the scoop about my art quilt
This what I mean about the 'easy-to-follow' instructions.  it shows and tells you how to do something.  And then there is the eye candy, of amazing quilts.

and how to change the blade in your rotary cutter, which I am personally happy about.
The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting by Linda Seward.  Giveaway scoop.  Leave a comment on this post about what is next on your agenda for a technique that you want to learn as it relates to art quilts. I will use the Random Number Generator to choose a winner.  You have to live in the USA to participate.  Sterling Publishing will be sending out the book.  Deadline is Tuesday, September 30th at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Composition Book Re-Do

Picked this up at Target on the sale rack. My current notebook is nearing the end, so it's time to make a new one

This is the perfect project to use the scraps from making Stencil samples for my new line from StencilGirl Products

Using Matte Medium, I basically decoupaged all of the stenciled fabrics to the front and back of the composition book.  It didn't take long to realize that I should have painted the front and back with Gesso to get rid of the black and white lines.  Oh well.

The back had fabrics that easily covered up the lines, so that was good.

Solution?  Paint the house quilt square with acrylic paint!

It is getting brighter and much more fun!  Maybe use some Copic markers too!  They work nicely on fabric!

A joyful front cover for sure!

I trimmed off the excess fabric with a pair of scissors.  And now it's ready to go! Everywhere with me.  My new to do list and idea book.  Now onto planning my booth at Quilt Market inside the Hoffman Fabrics booth!  Sew fun!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

12x12 Project

I am making a series of "healing' quilts that will be used for a larger project.  Dream. Mistyfused and ready to be free motion machine quilted

Free motion machine quilted

The back so you can see the quilting.  Sewn on a BERNINA 750 QE, with Aurifil black thread.  The backing is a wool blended felt TOY002 by National Nonwovens
Healing.  Hoffman Batiks and hand dyes, and the text from my fabric line.  I cut out three different size circles on a Sizzix machine with 3 different fabrics, and then sliced them down to create these zen like nests

After photographing this piece, I decided that it needed some brightening up, so I added the yellow.

Free motion machine quilted
I love the stitching on the back. I think this is quite beautiful
Heart and Soul.

Ready for quilting


The back, so you can see the details of the quilting.  This gives me ideas for quilting on a plain piece of fabric and free motion quilting a design as you go.  You know, whatever floats your boat. More to come.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Mistyfuse and Me!

I am so honored to have my face on the new packaging of the 10 yard packs of Mistyfuse.  My most favorite fusible web, that works great every time I use it, and it doesn't change the hand of the cloth.
Here is a very large panel.  I pressed it first with my hot iron on the cotton setting, to press out all of the creases.
On my design table, I have a 'Holy Cow' Goddess Sheet to protect my table.  Goddess Sheets are available in a few different sizes on the Mistyfuse website.  The skeleton panel is wrong side up, and I am rolling out a 18" bolt of Mistyfuse, and then laying a Fat Goddess Sheet over the top to protect my iron.  I move the iron in a circular motion all around the top, to bond the Mistyfuse with the fabric.  I want a nice shiny look when I peel back the Goddess Sheet.  If it feels lacey by touch, I fold the Goddess Sheet back down, and press it again. Let cool before removing the sheet.

I am moving the Fat Goddess Sheet down my panel, so I have Mistyfuse on the entire skeleton.  My goal is to fussy cut it out, and lay it on a piece of hot pink fabric, for extra fun!

Stay tuned for a later post about the skeleton project.
and for smaller projects, I like to use the 12" bolt of Mistyfuse.  Just roll it out and cut it, making sure that the Mistyfuse doesn't overlap over the fabric.

I lay a Goddess Sheet over the top and then glide my iron the top in a circular motion, making sure that I get the edges.

Wait till it cools down, before trying to release the Goddess Sheet or a piece of parchment paper.  It will be hot!  I was hoping that you would be able to see the shine in this photo, that tells you that you have a nice fuse with the fabric

Here's an even smaller piece of fabric.

Now you can see the Mistyfuse glow!  It's a thing of beauty!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Modern Baby on the Havel's Sewing Blog

Modern Baby - A fun way to make a baby quilt that hangs on the wall. One for a boy!

and one for a girl.  Easy to follow instructions on the Havel's Sewing BlogClick here.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fit for a Birthday Queen

The making of the birthday crown.  I cut 2 long narrow pieces of wool blended felt and fused them both with Mistyfuse.  I did this so they would bond extra well to one another.

I made a very basic pattern of hills and valleys on two pieces of graph paper taped together

Pinned the pattern to the felt and cut with a pair of Havel's very sharp scissors

I cut circles, flowers, leaves and hexagons on my Sizzix Fabi Die Cut Machine in fabrics, as well as, wool blended felt, and fused them to the crown.  I am building up my canvas for sewing it together and hand sewing.  The felt is all by National Nonwovens #TOY002.  Some felt pieces were from previous projects where I actually washed it to fluff it up.

Here is the finished masterpiece.  You can click on it to see it larger.  I envisioned it to look like a fiesta, with bright colors, and elements that the birthday queen would like.

Scissors in the middle, since we sort of run with them in our studios.  I also cut wool felted balls in half and built some dimension.  I enjoyed how relaxing it was to have a project that I could just hand sew at night and on the weekends. This was great fun to create.

Side detail.  I used #8 perle cotton for the hand sewing.

Other side detail

Then after I tried the crown on a few times, I realized that it could be pretty hot, because of the wool felt, so I lined the back side with cotton, and sewed it into place.  I used black velcro in longer strips, so that it could be adjusted for any size head.

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