Thursday, February 16, 2017

Color My World - First Peek!

I love color! I am sharing a behind the scenes scenario all about color.  I have a new line that will debut at Quilt Market in May of this year.  It's called a 'blender' line and has about...wait for it....84 different fabrics in the collection.  hopscotch is the name by RJR Fabrics!  I am so excited!  My task was to name all of the colors in my line, and could not use anything in RJR's existing lines.
I rose to the challenge to start making lists. I enjoy making lists. My line is called hopscotch - play time, so this is my first list about everything about playing outside and wondered if any of these could be used for a color name

Here are some more. Glad I saved these lists, because I can use them for my next line

Then I got into the meaning of colors and that might be fun!

Color ideas by design.  There are 11 different hand drawn designs in my collection.
another cool thing about RJR Fabrics is that I could design my selvages.  My handwriting, my icons, my design names.  This is so fun, and I am cutting each selvage off the fabrics as I Mistyfuse them.  The ideas are swirling around in my head of what to make with these.
I am creating my own color/pattern/sku system that will be useful when I am designing quilts. I started with the strike-offs that i received in the Fall and compared them with the actual fabrics.  There were many color tweaks, so I had to make new cards for those.
As I Mistyfuse the fabrics in this line, I organize them by color on this bamboo drying rack.  It just makes it easier for me to really SEE what I have.  Stay tuned for more photos and fun with my line!  Quilt with Love.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Clean Up on Aisle 7

I am still cleaning out and getting rid of things that I will never use. I find it so interesting that as I age, i can clearly see and am able to give away or sell these things. I just don't want to hang onto them anymore. So, every week, I clean out a small section in my studio

I had two Bernina's set up here, but decided to take the oldest one down and put it away, making room for my drawing table

My design table looks good right now in this photo, but at present the top is not visible because of the piles of fabrics on it

My inspiration wall got some new decor, and I changed some things around. This kinda change is very positive

Wool blended felt bolts from National Nonwovens on the two lower shelves, and all of those boxes are filled with Mistyfused fabrics. One for each fabric line that I have designed

The storage area. What do I need to store for later? That's the question of the hour

We have had so much rain, that I have a river of water by the railroad tracks. I hope this never overflows. My studio is the closest unit to tracks

My drawing and painting table
Every time I go to Ikea, I stand and stare at this little house, that could be shelves in my studio. I am still thinking about it and where it would fit into my studio. A girl can dream.

A whimsical and magical pin cushion - a gift from my friend Leslie

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Playful Fabric Printing

On Monday after Craft Napa, a group of friends got together in Pokey's Art Barn to make some art straight from Melanie Testa and Carol Soderland's new book "Playful Fabric Printing" that was published by Pokey Bolton - Crafting a Life
We were going with a 'X' and 'O' theme, so I hand cut with scissors these shapes out of fun foam with self adhesive on one side

The shapes were put together on clear plastic sheets for easy printing

A reflection of me in the window wearing my Yoda hat. (a gift from Leslie Jenison).  It was cold in the barn and this hat helped keep me warm

We are working with thickened dyes - the thing that Carol and Melly are famous for.  The color grids in the book were perfect matches for the dyes that we were using. I have never worked with this type of paint (dye) before, so it was a learning experience for me

My first three printing projects

This is a sheer over a cotton fabric and I am liking the look.  I would have never thought about using sheer fabrics, but it worked and it got the wheels in my head turning!  Also, I don't like to wear gloves when I work with paint, so I have alot of paint on my hands.  The mark of a true artist.

This is alot of fun and I think I may have to tackle some chapters in this book on my own to see what i can create.

I used a brayer to glide the dye onto the foam stamps

We have some sort of weird thing about taking pictures of our feet. So here you go.

Came home, soaked the printed pieces in cold water and a little Dawn and added ice cubes to the mix

Here are my pieces fresh from the clothes dryer

I particularly like this one.  Their book is amazing!  Click on Crafting a Life above to get to the website to order your own book!  You will be so happy!

Thinking that I would like to add some black outlines to this one

Melly Testa, Pokey Bolton, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Wendy Richardson, Carol Soderland, me and Judy Coates Perez - a fun time had by all!

Here we are putting some pics on social media. We are such geeks!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It Never Rains in Southern California

I am loving all of the rain that we are getting in Southern California.  Our ground is thirsty for water from the sky

Beautiful sun rise.  Red sky in the morning, sailors warning, red sky at night, sailors delight

Nasturtiums are natures umbrellas in the garden

Such beauty in the sky!

The succulent garden is thriving.  Some milkweed seeds have blown over to this side of the yard and have sprouted new plants.  Good for the butterflies!

The Clemantis must have a string of leaves that are about 30 feet long.  I can't wait for the flowers to bloom!

Geraniums - one of my favorite plants in the garden who has such colorful blooms

The little green umbrella with signs of rain.  We are suppose to get about 4" of rain this week. This will help our drought. Everything is green, including our front lawn. I love this time of the year. I love the smell of rain. I love listening to it when I am at home or in my studio.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Craft Napa 2017

My friend, Leslie Tucker Jenison and I start each adventure by taking a photo of each other over a glass of wine. Toasting the start of Craft Napa 2017.  We dined at Fume in downtown Napa on Tuesday night. 

On Wednesday, I helped Leslie set up her class at Pokey's Art Barn.

Inside the art barn - all set up for her class

View from the porch of the art barn

Zen Stitching - my first night class on Thursday.  I had kits for each person to start their own Zen Stitching project.  National Nonwovens supplied all of the black wool blended felt for each projectHavel's Sewing send me a cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter to use in my workshops!
Student work.  The flowers were cut on a Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine ahead of time and put in each kit

I loved the variety of ways my students arranged the felt on their pieces

It's all in the details

Twirly Whirly Swirls - don't you just love the signs that Pokey had made for each class?

This is a partial photo of the art quilt that everyone would be making.  I pre-Mistyfused all of the fabrics ahead of time for this class.  We used a Sizzix Big Shot Pro and a Sizzix Big Shot to cut the two different sized spirals and dots

Class photo of finished work - there were ALL fabulous!

Each day at 5:00pm all students would meet in this section to be part of the group pic with all that they made in workshops!  Such a fun bonus to see the variety of artwork!
Saturday's class - Hexi Art Quilt

This piece only uses two fabrics.  All of the fabrics were pre-Mistyfused ahead of time. Hexagons were cut on a Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine

I loved seeing the differences in each art quilt and how they positioned their hexi's

Saturday night was Wine Blending, which is always such a highlight of the retreat!  Leslie Tucker Jenison was designated the chemist mixing our blend.  I was one of the judges tasting all of the wine from each team and it was difficult.  Our wine came in second. We each received a bottle of the winning blend to take home.  I carefully padded it and wrapped it in a plastic bag and put in my suitcase that I checked.  Success!  No breakage!

Sunday - all aboard the wine train

Sunday afternoon at Frank Family Vineyards to taste their wines - always a treat!

A beautiful tree at Frank Family.  What an amazing retreat we had!  I am still basking in the glow of all of the things that I experienced, renewed friendships, meeting new people, teaching, dining out, drinking coffee and having a blast!  Until next year!