Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Festival in Houston - Teaching & Special Exhibits!

#512 Painting with  a Twist & Shout on Friday, October 31st.  Team taught with Leslie Tucker Jenison and me.  9am - 5pm.  Take a walk on the wide side and join some over the edge fun to create a collaborative freeform painting.  No experience necessary to paint shapes, patterns and designs.  Change seats during musical interludes to share your creative voice with the entire canvas.  Spend the afternoon crating journal covers, notecards, postcards and ATC's with painted canvas.  $65 + $25 materials fee = $90  Here is the link to the on-line catalog
#712  Coffee on the House on Saturday, November 1st.  Taught by me!  Serving up coffee on the house to create a very fun and colorful 14" square at quilt - the rebel way - with no batting or binding!  Use the Sizzix Fabi Die cutting machine and a variety of dies.  Background is provided in jewel tones (royal blue and lime green).  Learn about color, design, fusing and free motion machine quilting.  $65 + $25 materials fee, $8 equipment fee = $98

Special Exhibit - What's for Dinner?  Still accepting entries for this exhibit, the deadline has been extended to August 22nd.  Notifications will go out August 29.  Work due by Sept 26.  Let us set the table with your quilt.  co-juried by Leslie Tucker Jenison and me. Here is the link to the on-line entry system.
Dinner @ Eight Artists will be presenting a new special exhibit at the show "Reflections."  co-juried by Leslie Tucker Jenison and me.  This is a juried invitational and all of the quilts in the exhibit are 24" wide by 60" long.  Artist profiles are happening now on the Dinner at Eight Artists blog in July and August.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

BERNINA We All Sew Blog

I am so excited!  As a BERNINA Ambassador, I will be posting techniques and tutorials on the BERNINA blog We All Sew.  Here is the link for my first post on using zipper trim in my entry for the Quilt Alliance contest 2014.  Many people ask me how to do this, and now you can view my step-by-step instructions, so you can do it too!
and how to insert a zipper in an art quilt is here
I hope you enjoy the post on the BERNINA We All Sew blog!  I am super happy about it!  Love my BERNINA!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Dream Studio - an ongoing journey

I realized that my studio is an ongoing project, always changing to see what works better.  I come in here everyday with a huge smile on my face, and ask myself "what can I create today?"  I am in my dream studio for sure.  This month I decided to tackle one part at a time, so that it's not to overwhelming.  Take this part, the sewing area.  The small cart on wheels has all of my sewing stuff - for immediate use, and I roll it to the side of my sewing table when I am using my machine.

I painted this cabinet months ago, and it is still standing in the middle of the room, waiting to go to its new spot

I moved one of the steel racks on wheels over to the sewing area. Now all of my sewing machines are in one place, and other supplies.  It fit perfectly into the space, and right next to my new design wall.

This are is getting cleared up, which is good.  I may decide to put another design wall on the left, where the household screen is right now.  It might be a great place to display artwork that is for sale!

I have moved the cabinet to the space where the other wire rack was, which gives me a clearer view from the back to the front. 

New home for the "paper" cabinet
I need to tackle this area of junk, and sort through everything.  The white cart is full of stencils, and artwork

Next on the agenda is to clean out whatever is sitting on these two chairs.

Standing in the middle of my studio looking towards the door, you see my design table arrangement, which is on my agenda for August.  A big wide table with shelves underneath.  For those of you who are just finding my blog, my studio is located in an industrial park with other artists.  I have a huge one room space, which I love!

The sitting area and inspiration wall is my most favorite part of my studio. I have rested on this couch everyday since my foot surgery in February of 2013.  It is a calming, yet inspirational place to sit and look at everything on the great wall.  And if I could get on a ladder, I would add more to the upper portions of the wall.

New desk for my studio, from home, which is literally held together by duct tape.  It was perfect for this spot.  Cabinet holds Keurig coffee maker and k-cups, that I only need in the cold months.  Supplies in the drawers, water in the middle.  Frig on top with cups, and such.  The other two tables are holding areas for upcoming classes, projects, and things that need to go somewhere else.  Nice little stacks.  The white wool blended felt is rolled up and ready to go on the new design wall.  Need a ladder, and someone else to stand on it.  I think this might be a two person job.

The stash wall.  I really need another shelf for fabric, so I am contemplating about that.  I could have one just for my fabric lines.  Maybe in August.

The paint table in the back portion of my studio, by the bathroom and truck door.  This is where the magic happens with paint, stencils, decoupage and other fun stuff.  And a concrete floor in which paint can land on and stay.  Just makes me smile to think about that fact.  My last studio was all forest green carpet, and I had to be very careful.  This is clear in the back, away from all of my quilt making.

The table with the lime green and orange fabric around it is my Sizzix Big Shot Pro cutter. I want to completely clean underneath the cart, and then store all of my dies for all of my machines under there.  This is the big, non portable machine, that cuts the big dies. The table is on wheels, so I can move it into my design area, when I need to.  I have a Big Shot and a Fabi too, and they are both completely portable.  These machines make my quilting life so much easier!
This is the area where the 2 chairs were stuffed with bags of stuff.  Everything has been cleaned out, put away, including the chairs.  Yay!

Looking from my design table to the front door.  My prayer flags are all hung on the left side of the door.  More to come...stay tuned!
Decals from Ikea to brighten up the blank walls in the bathroom!

Friday, July 11, 2014

What's for Dinner?

As the co-curator of the special exhibit "What's for Dinner?" for the International Quilt Festival in Houston, I have the supreme honor to have a piece in it as well. I find that I can really make matters worse for myself by over thinking what I am going to create. So, this year, I decided to keep it simple and go for a little play on words.  My idea is make a large Thai Chicken out of silk tie fabric.  I happen to have a couple of boxes of silk tie fabric, which would be excellent to use for this project. .

I laid out my fabric selection, right side face down on a Holy Cow Goddess Sheet made by Mistyfuse, and then carefully rolled out a piece of Mistyfuse over the top (wrong side).  I then laid a Fat Goddess Sheet over the top and fused it into place with a hot dry iron on the cotton setting.

This is a scrubbie.  I use it to get all of the residual Mistyfuse off the Goddess Sheet, so I don't accidentally iron it to something else.

I took the entire piece, as a whole, since they were bound with Mistyfuse in between the squares - to the cutting mat.  I cut them apart using my comfort 60mm Rotary Cutter from Havel's. It's one of my favorite tools.
You can see how the squares ended up, at a different angle, just for fun!  I auditioned many fabrics, before deciding on this beautiful red silk for the background
Here is the finished piece. 25x15.  It is simple.  A giant Thai chicken with a big googily eyeball. I thought that was a nice touch!  You can click on the photo to see it larger.  I free motion machine quilted in long hand the ingredients for Thai Chicken.  I didn't do any marking on the fabric.  I just went for it. Sort of as a challenge for myself.


This was such an excellent project for my new BERNINA 750 QE to see what it could do.  It was smooth as silk, writing out the words on silk.

I did break a needle when I started sewing on the wing of the chicken.  I figured I was going through 2 layers of wool blended felt, and about 2-3 layers of fabric.  One of the coolest features on this machine, at least for me, who sews with thickness, you can go in and program the presser foot to be higher, to allow for extra space between your project and the foot.  Once I changed that allowance, it sewed beautifully, as I added the feathers all of the way across the bird, and to its tail feathers.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Foot Surgery Coming Up

Here is my scooter again, ready to meet the next challenge.  I am having out-patient surgery on the 10th of July, to correct 2 things in my left foot, which they call 'minor,' so I am hoping that is what shakes out on the cutting table.  I have to be completely off my foot for 13 days, to enable complete healing.  Then in a brace for the remainder, which I have no idea what the timing will be there.  I am hoping and praying that this will be the last surgery on this foot.

Crutches ready.  I've had these for over 30 years, and they are great!  They are upside down in this photo, by they have comfort handles and don't hurt your underarms.

The boot, that I've been wearing for 6 months, will take a bit of a break.  I am sure I will be wearing it when I travel, but I am okay with that.  It really protects my foot.

Prayer Flag for healing

Prayer Flag to remind be to just b r e a t h e.  So keep me in your prayers and send me good vibes for July 10th. After surgery, I'll be at home resting, drawing, watching Netflix and trying to maintain a very positive attitude about the whole thing.
This is a project from the group 'the documented life project,' that I belong to. Prompts are given out at the beginning of each week.  One of the projects is a weekly calendar.  This week you are suppose to include an Instagram picture on one of your pages.  I did not, but created just my plans for the week, day by day.

Page is 9x12, and I used magazine lettering, patterned hand made papers, Sharpies, Copic markers and a white gel pen to create this work.

I can see the value for doing this type of artwork, and see where i can expand my ideas, colors, and use die cuts, and stencils.

I can't see doing this every week, because it was rather time consuming, but maybe once a month will fit into my life.

The work on The Documented Life Project site is truly inspirational.  I felt that this week was a good week to highlight, since I am having foot surgery. Onward and upward!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quilt Alliance Contest 2014

My entry for the Quilt Alliance contest for 2014.  "True Love" - Inspired by "Two Weddings and an Amish Quilt" by Elizabeth Ann Miller Bontrager from 1955, Record 16-33-40 in the Quilt Index.  You can view my entry here on the Quilt Alliance site, and see the quilt that my DWW was inspired by. Based on the time honored traditional quilt pattern, the double wedding ring, I created my own version.  Using a Sizzix large circle die, and text from my own line, I inserted words into the rings that to me encapsulate the store of true love in my own life.


Zipper trim is sewn on the outer edge of the quilt, and the outer edges of the circles.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

StencilGirl June Stencil Projects - having so much fun!

These are the three stencils that I designed for StencilGirl's exclusive club for June.  Click here for details on how you can join and receive these in your mail box.
This was stenciled with the large 9x12 design, and then painted with watercolors.  I call it the watercolor scrumble. It was so relaxing a fun to create.
Sweet little embroidery project, inside the very thing that inspired this group of stencils

This watercolor book is dedicated to all work using StencilGirl stencils.  It opens, and all of the pages lay flat.  For most painting and collaging.  Watercolor paper with chip board in between.

Same stencil.  Painted with watercolor and then zen fingal doodled with a black Sharpie
Just in case you were wondering, here is what the book is - and I bought it at Dick Blick online

My watercolor pan, that has a lid and is completely portable.  I love the paper towel with the paint colors all over it. 
A design on my drop cloth, which I used for my intro on my video for StencilGirl Club
This is a regular composition book, that is covered in fabric.  Every piece was Mistyfused, and ironed directly onto the cover of the book.  I used pieces from my fabric line "Home is Where Your Story Begins" by Hoffman Fabrics and a sneak peek at some of my new stencil designs by StencilGirl Products (not out yet)

back of book.  So far, it is all staying together.  This is my 'to do' list book. It goes everywhere with me. So ,for my next line of stencils, look forward to houses, dresses, measuring tape, stitches, and other fun designs coming out soon!

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